Friday, February 22, 2008

Some Cathcing Up...

It’s been over a month.

Valentine’s Day was great.

Parker and I are doing better than I ever though possible. Definitively, this has been the best relationship of my life. His birthday is next week, on March 1 and I have some surprises in store. I will share them after his actual birthday because I am sure he frequents this site.

When I started this blog, the entire premise was dedicated to my having three roommates in a four bedroom house. Currently, I have one roommate, who comes and goes and is in the process of purchasing his own home. Chris is doing very well for himself. His internship with PriceWaterhouse and Coopers developed into an actual job. Currently studying for his CPA exam, Chris has a very bright and prosperous future ahead of himself.

Joe is in Orlando, living with his lover, Robert. They have been together well over a year now.

And of course, Aaron moved back to Los Angeles in November. Still not talking to each other a great deal. I assume he is well.

That’s the premise of the blog. If you read the first couple of entries, you will also see that Aaron was in the process of mentoring and possibly adopting a foster child, Little Joey. Well, a large part of my month-long hiatus results from Little Joey.
When Aaron left, he left Joey. I committed myself to being a constant in Joey’s life. He spent the holidays with me and I purchased him some new clothes. Not only did I assume responsibility for Joey, but also so did my close friends (The First Family). Double Dees bought Joey some gifts, our friends Sean and William took him into their church (The Power Center) and Uncle Fe Fe even began classes to adopt him.