Monday, April 14, 2008

Just the Little Things...

Parker and I are both on diets with intensive workouts. It all started when Parker said he looked like he was in his first trimester. I realized I look like I am six months along. Yipes! I knew then it was time to head to the abortion clinic. Too bad I can’t look like Uncle Mallory. She got her tubes tied a long time ago.

Should I be concerned about Parker going to Miami for Memorial Day gay pride without me? I think so. He is so hot.

I am very hungry!

I really wish I didn’t have a house so I could by a foreclosed home. Is that bad of me to say? I think so. I feel bad for the numerous people who have suffered under our harsh economic climate, but I also wish I could benefit from the buyers market.

Is it ridiculous to pay over $200 for a pair of jeans. I think so. I still bought a pair of True Religions. I hate myself, though.

I am very excited about e=mc2. Various critics have given it favorable reviews.
Is it inappropriate for a grown black man to have a cat? I think so. I have one, though. His name is Aristotle.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A consideration of Fredrick Smith's The Right Side of the Wrong Bed

"You got me playing myself, and baby, I don’t care!”

Brothas Well Read April Book Selection- The Right Side of the Wrong Bed by Fredrick Smith
Meeting Date- April 20, 2008!
For More Information consult:

The ideal black love affair is personified through Kenny Kane. Like many protagonists of black queer literature, Kenny is successful, intelligent, and attractive. The novel begins with the backstory of Kenny and his relationship with Devon, a firefighter. Devon cheats on Kenny with a female and has a child. He leaves Kenny after seven years of commitment and Kenny is faced with the possibility that his best years have passed him by and what remains are years of shiftless loneliness.

And that’s when he meets the ideal in Jeremy Lopez. Jeremy is tall, latino, and packing a “magnum” (as it is referred in the novel).

Jeremy sexes Kenny down (and I must say the scenes are hot and tastefully written) and of course he falls head over heels (literally). Family and friends alike warn Kenny of the possible dangers involved in dating Jeremy, but his heart won’t let him leave.
What results is a story of love, lust, disappointment, forgiveness, and realization.

The Right Side of the Wrong Bed is a very entertaining, well-written read and I recommend it. While the ending proved problematic, the overall text was successful in conveying the reality of settling for what looks like the best life will offer.