Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More celebrities coming out?

Does Tiger Swing Both Ways?
By Hello Beautiful January 7, 2010

One of Tiger’s many mistresses, Loredana Jolie Ferriolo, is penning a tell-all book about the golf champion and claims that she witnessed him in gay encounters.
In the book, Loredana claims that Tiger has had sexual relationships with other men. Though this has never been said by any of his other mistresses, part of Loredana’s book goes into full detail about his love for group sex that “included incidents of Tiger with other men.”

As she is shopping the book around for $1 million, she promises that the pages will reveal all and talk about when Tiger “came about, his healthy appetite for arranged sex, threesomes, girls next door, girl-girl, and an answer to all the rumors surrounding Woods’ sexuality.

And Ray-J too? I would love to smash a homie!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tales from My Hood...

My friend Thirsty always comments about my living in a suburb of Atlanta s opposed to the actual city of Atlanta. Two events of the past week make me realize how right he can be.

I go into my cleaners to get my work clothes for the week and I am greeted by Salim.

“You don’t unbutton shirts, I don’t clean any more.”
“Excuse me?”
“You shirts, no unbutton.”

Okay. So I decipher that Salim is saying that I fail to unbottom my dress shirts. And he’s right. They aren’t unbottoned. I take the shirt off, pull out the tee-shirt, and throw it in the hamper or on the floor.

So basically Salim is saying that I cannot bring my dry cleaning to him any longer.

My response;
“Okay. I’ll just go across the street. Thank you for your work. Sorry for the inconvenience. Have a nice day.”

Mo’ Better Chicken is a hole in the wall, soul food restaurant located around the corner from my house. I probably eat there twice a month. The food is usually mediocre at best but for a quick vegetable plate, it’s good enough.

So I go in, survey the vegetables, and spy a bowl of potato salad. I love potato salad. I ask for a sample and my request is denied. When I ask why, I get-
“You aint gon’ go into Burger King across the street and ask for no samples. Why you gone ask me?”

“Well, a whopper always tastes like a whopper at each Burger King I may visit. However, everyone’s potato salad tends to be different. But no matter. I don’t want the potato salad. I don’t want anything in here. I would like to speak to the manager.”

“I’m the manager.”

“Oh, hell. Oh well. I don’t want a sample of potato salad or of anything else here today or tomorrow or ever. I’ll never eat here again.”

Sad the poor service in my hood. And was a small sample of potato salad worth the cost of losing a sale of $4.99?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh Atlanta! You disappointed so...

So the New Year has come and I can say that last night was the lamest night Atlanta’s ever seen!

I was speaking to Uncle Dee and he commented that this was the first time we have ever been in want of something to do for New Year’s eve.

It’s hard to believe the city I love so much has fallen so low.

The house parties used to be plentiful. This year they were nonexistent. The clubs were open but they were far from popping. Well, the high prices that gradually increased as the night waned were popping for sure but defiantly not in a good way.

On a bright note, I did bring in the New Year at church. Tabernacle was off the chain last night! It’s just that after church was over, there was nothing to do.

I should have gone to New York with Monty and Thomas or DC with Douglas and Fee.

Oh well. Now I know for next year!