Thursday, August 28, 2008

If you see me in the streets, shawty...

While yet another Black Gay Pride weekend dawns, excitement (and cocks) rise.

This weekend is one of the busiest and most festive in ATL. I have finalized my itinerary and am happy to share.

On Friday, some friends are coming from out of town and we will probably have dinner at Chow Baby and hit up the Trademark.

Starting tomorrow, the Decatur book festival will be held ( It is an amazing weekend of writers. I will be present to hear Pearl Cleage speak on Saturday, starting at 1:45. I plan to stick around until 5:30 to see Eric Jerome Dickey, Marissa Monteilh, and Fiona Zedde.

After the festival, I, like most, will be at Lenox Mall enjoying my fill of eye-candy. Both of these events, by the way, are free!

Saturday night I will be at Dwain’s Labor Day Birthday Bash. The party starts at 10. Email for information.

On Sunday, after sleeping in, I plan to hit the Grant Park Festival’s Corks and Forks ( This is an annual event that always delivers a great time. It’s also free!

After Corks and Forks, I plan to hit Chris Johnson’s annual Labor Day party.

On Monday, I plan to sleep in, read E. Lynn Harris’s new book, and eat Parker all day long.

Hope to see you around.

If you see me in the streets, shawty, you don’t know me… but hell, honey, holla anyway.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

ATL Black Gay Pride...

Black Gay Pride, in every city, is really just an excuse for clubs and club promoters to make an exorbitant amount of money from visitors who come to our fair cities. The clubs jack prices up by ten dollars or offer package deals. Typically packages are offered by the spots that lack a dominion over a particular night.

Several clubs and promoters are offering packages (expensive and unnecessary), but I have included links…

If you want to know what will really be popping, I have included information:

Thursday- Everyone will be at Bulldogs, early. Get there by 9 if you want to get in.
(893 Peachtree St. NE - Atlanta, GA 30308).

If you like strippers or are just plain nasty with it, go to Phase One (4933 Memorial Dr
Decatur, GA 30032). The party will start around 11:30.

Friday, everyone will be at Trademark, which is the old Palace (for you girls from way back in the day…) (91 Broad St. Atlanta, GA 30303).

Saturday, EVERYONE will be at Traxx, (1287 Columbia Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30034) which is now located off Memorial Drive and Columbia, in the heart of the hood.

House Party Alert: Dwain Tharpe’s annual soiree… always packed!

Sunday, everyone will be at Piedmont Park, first, Djangos second, and end their night at Chapparall or at the hotel with their jump off…

House Party Alert: Chris Johnson’s Labor Day bash… always overly packed!

It’s simple really. Get there early, already drunk, and you’ll have a great time…

See also: .

Friday, August 22, 2008

What's been going on in this meantime...

A week has come and gone.

Things are going better with Parker and I… we are both making an effort to make our home harmonious… He made cookies and cleaned up… I made dinner and brought underwear.

I wanted to give everyone the update. This week has been hectic with work, but I have some posts in the work… We all know what happens next week in the ATL… black gay pride…

Thursday, August 14, 2008


You gotta stay tuned
Cuz there's more to see
Through the technical difficulties.
We might have to take a break
But ya'll know we'll be back next week..
This love is unbreakable...
Oh yeah yeah...

-Lyrics from "Unbreakable" by Alicia Keys...

It’s not easy loving my man, but I do and I don’t think I can stop.

I really thought a lot about the great advice posted in my recent posts detailing the ongoing problems Parker and I address. I am so thankful to all of my fellow bloggers. The wisdom and perspectives add so much to my understanding and awareness of not only my relationship, but most importantly myself. One Man asked me why I am in this relationship and I realized that the question required a lot of thought and a lot of consideration. I am in a relationship with Parker because I love him- truly, madly, deeply- simply.

Breaking up is not an option. It is probably a thought that has crossed both of our minds. I have loved before… and I have given up before. I will not do it again. If this relationship ends it will be because Parker leaves me.

A relationship takes work and a constant commitment. It is hard. Having this blog helps me collect my thoughts and myself.

If there is love, there is hope. And it is my hope that one day, decades away, Parker and I can sit on a veranda, Washington apples in hand, and laugh at the fight over a cat’s room and the sword fights we had in bed and share with younger couples our secrets of success.

I believe with my whole heart that every relationship will bring great difficulty. The key is making it work and not giving up- no matter the difficulties that arise.

My love, like my commitment, is old school. I don’t believe in ending. I do believe in hard work and as we all know that is what it takes to make a relationship work.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is that the best we could do?

So I can’t sleep, it’s Tuesday night, and I am watching the Olympics. The girl gymnaist are competing (I know, don’t judge me) and I am appalled at their uniforms.

I was watching poor Alicia Sacramone hit the floor and at first I thought it was funny because I thought she was Russian. With the hideous outfits they are wearing, how could they be anything but?

Alicia did give it her all and I am proud of all these kids...

God bless the USA and Shawn Johnson.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Corey and Parker made up but there are storm clouds loom...

Yes, all is well that ends well. I made it back to Atlanta on Friday and we sat down and talked over our problems. We made up and had a great weekend. We caught a movie on Friday (Dark Knight- I saw it, Parker had not… I loved it even more the second time, Parker did not), went to party on Saturday, ate well (Pappaduex brunch), shopped, and went swimming on Sunday. It was a good weekend after a rough week.

Reflecting on the week of not speaking, I spoke with our mutual friend Jay about our situation. As Parker and I have had fight after fight about the small things, Jay asked if our moving together is the reason we are fighting.

Um.. no. The problems we are having now are problems we were having before he moved in. Stubborn is as stubborn does.

Jay then asked if the problems we were having were because both of our preferred roles is top.

Um.. maybe. Jay made a great point. Someone has to give and in most cases involving Parker and me, (like all of them) no one seems willing to back down.

What do you guys think about… all comments are appreciated. Please be honest and keep it real…

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Corey does Dallas...

I have been in Dallas for two days, and still Parker has not accepted any of my calls. I am really pissed off. And hurt.

I am here for work training and it is horrible- worse than I expected. It is a struggle to stay awake. The entire training could have occurred in one day. I had what I needed in one day- the three remaining days are pointless.

Last night I went to Zippers with Joe. Zippers is a small gay bar. It’s the Tuesday night spot. The drinks were cheap and great. Zippers even has strippers, but they are not so great. They are all white and unpropotionatedly muscular.

Imagine a pasty looking white guy, dancing this heart out (but not his ass off, um, cause there was no ass) on a black box. He was moving and gyrating to something, but it was not to a beat that I could hear. I had no idea what he was hearing, but it was not to the beat. Don’t think it can get any worse? Now imagine him in nothing but a teal green thong.

When a hip hop song came on, the dancers would do their best impersonation of a black person. They would throw hands in the air, pout their lips, and give their best b-boy stance.

Someone needs to unzip Zippers and put this place out of its misery.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Corey Loves Dallas...

Dallas is a nice break from Atlanta. I love my hotel. My room is large and spacious and deliciously comfortable.

Despite the trip being work related, I plan to thoroughly enjoy a break from my work, my home, and the drama of my relationship.

I called Parker and texted him and he ignored the calls and texted back simple responses. Oh well. I am in Dallas for a week and I plan to enjoy the experience.

Joe now lives in Dallas. Joe, if you don’t recall, was my roommate, who lied about the cable bill, and then moved to Orlando, used to live in Dallas before living in Atlanta. Now, he’s back in Dallas and he has promised to show me a good time.

Well, after the last couple of months, let the good times roll.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Parker and I are not speaking...

The smallest problems can lead to the biggest arguments.

Saturday, Parker spent the day with his friends and I spent the day with my friends. When we finally spent some time together, we just did not seem to rub each other the right way.

The argument was my fault. I started it. I flew off the handle about the door being closed to the cat’s room (I know, I know… my cat has his own room), and he flew off right back. The argument ended with him telling me to find my own damn ride to the airport.

And I did.

We have not spoken since Saturday night.

I am out of town for a week.