Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh BET... you did it again...

I know it's late but I am finishing a disseration so cut me a little slack...

So I was a little disappointed in this year’s BET Awards. While it was not as bad as last year’s, it was by no means as good as a few from year’s past.

It was too sweet of Trey Songz to bring his mom onstage with him when he won his award. So… did she have him when she was 12?

Nikki Minaj did a great job. She earned my respect. I still don’t like her. I feel as though she does not deserve her current props, but she really did a great job.

Puff Daddy turned it out! Great performance from a performer so played.

The Prince tribute was a fail and I was sooo looking forward to it. I have been listening to my Prince iphone mix for days. And what I got was this…

(Get yo fat a@@ off the furniture, ho!)

Patti is an icon. Icon’s don’t have to sing. It’s better we remember Patti not singing at the 2010 BET awards…

Oh, and am I the only one, but I thought El Dabarge was dead.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Another Weekend in the A...

Professor Courtney and Thomas from North Carolina came to town for Thomas’ birthday. Our weekend went a little something like this…

Welcome to ATL… Let’s Have Lunch at Busy Bee CafĂ©

Busy Bee is an Atlanta soulfood staple. The fried chicken is legendary (in large part because it is soaked in a buttermilk batter overnight) and I wanted Courtney and Thomas to try it. Thomas loved the food. Courtney opted for healthier fare and ordered a plate of sliced tomatoes.

Friday Night at Blake’s
I am all about diversity and I have no problem partying with the white girls (and the black girls who love them). We hit up Blake’s, saw the awful drag show, and had a few drinks. It was a nice way to welcome guests to ATL.

Watching The Housewives of New York Reunion
Okay, so I totally missed out on this show but the reunion has me hooked. The season replays on Thursday and I plan to DVR each episode. Fee, Thomas, and Courtney were rolling at the sheninigans of the ladies. My favorites are Ramona and Kelly! They are a hoot and a holler!

The Greek Picnic

I skipped out on this bull$hit. I don’t believe in all this adult Greek garbage. I joined a NPHC organization to make a difference in my community, not to brag on letters and talk trash. Atlanta saw 94 degrees. To think I was going to be in a park with over 500 negroes strolling and hopping and screaming out calls is unbelievable. I was home taking a nap when those two were out somewhere crying skee-wee.

Michael’s Hot Birthday Pool Party
My friend Michael had a cute pool party in Lithonia. While Fee and the body girls got into the pool, I stayed in the cut and had a FEW drinks. Well, I got drunk. But it was a great time. I don’t know how much those six Hennessey and Sprites impacted it, but everyone seemed to echo my sentiments.

Saturday Night at Traxx
Okay… so Traxx is an Atlanta Icon! It really, really is… but it was an absolute mistake for us to go. Douglas, Fee, Courtney, Thomas, and I went… on my suggestion, but it was late as he!l. And I know.. I know… Traxx is for the young girls but in the new ATL, there is no other option for Saturday night fun.

Sunday Brunch at Chequers
We were supposed to eat at Pappaduex’s (and their New Orleans seafood brunch is Atlanta’s best) but it was father’s day (i.e. packed) so we (on Courtney’s request) ate at Chequers brunch. The food was mediocre. I was not pleased with the food or Courtney’s “I have not had a decent meal this entire trip” comment. Note when taken to Busy Bee he ordered a plate of got dam9ed tomatoes.

Sunday Night at the White Party

The annual Five Friends for Life White Party has consistently delivered a classy, upscale ATL event. This year’s party, held at downtown hot spot, Opera, was no exception. Great event and great end to a really enjoyable weekend.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I am thankful I am still here...

I was held up at the ATM by my house. I was on the phone with Courtney when two black males (probably in their late teens, early twenties) ran up to my car. One ran to the front, the other to the back. Both had guns. I threw my hands up, and screamed, repeatedly, okay, okay, okay…

Only one of the thieves spoke. He took the cash I withdrew and snatched my phone out of my hand. He also took the phone charger. Then he told me to withdraw more money.

I put the atm card in but it was taking too long so he told me to give him my wallet, which was on the floor. I said, okay, and then he told me to get out of the car.

An avid Oprah watcher, I knew then that if I did that, it was over. YOU NEVER GET OUT OF THE CAR. I told him okay. My wallet, which was in my lap, had fallen to the floor. I bent over to get it, threw the car into drive and punched it. I stayed down and they did not fire. I made it away… alive.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You know your new guy is not a top when...

So Courtney called me Monday to update me on his situation with his lover.
Courtney as you remember is my friend who teaches at a school in North Carolina and who was dating a student who attends the school.

Well, while he and the student still have sex (great, dirty, nasty sex according to his perspective), they broke up and he has recently met a new guy he is every excited about. They met in the barbershop and he had no idea the guy got down. They have had two dates and both ended with some hot scrounging around. Courtney is a top and he is convinced the new guy (light skinned, hot lips, and dreds) is a top as well.

Oh lil Courtney! Let Corey school you!
You know your new guy is not a top when his a$s smells like vanilla.
A top’s ass does not exude any PLEASANT fragrance other than the occasional BAR soap.

You know your new guy is not a top when he washes with a loofa and a bottle of soap.
Most tops (70% of them) use manly smelling bar soaps. While a few will scrub down with sponges, most acquire some pretty funky nuts and need a good old fashioned towel and bar soap for all those hard to reach places.

You know your new guy is not a top when his hands have top coat.
I know a pedi and mani is the thing to do every now and then. But, really… a top coat? That’s taking the metrosexual a little too far for most tops.

You know your new guy is not a top when he calls you daddy in the middle of sex.
I know Twista and Usher have re-popularized the old role play standard, but tops don’t go for daddies. They are the daddies. So if he calls you daddy, then you are the daddy (i.e. TOP) and he’s the mommy. PERIOD.

So I was telling Courtney this, while on the phone, at the ATM.
And then, I was held-up... at gun point… by two FU@KING goons!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Concert Musings... A Beatdown Badu!

Last night I attended the Erykah Badu/Maxwell concert with my ex- Michael (who is on the path to heterosexuality). The concert was great, but Badu looked a hot mess! She wore a black coat, a tattered weave, rolled up yellow sweat pants (which were turned inside out), and a yellow tee-shirt that was a different shade of yellow from the bottoms. What’s the deal? Was she making a statement or just giving a huge “fu(k you” to the crowd?

And Miss Maxwell was great. Is he one of the “girls?” I’m wondering.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A successful Chris...

Last week my old roommate Chris turned 25 and marked four years in Atlanta. Many readers don't remember Chris but he was one of the three reasons I started this blog. With four men living in a house I knew hilarity would ensue and it did. Chris was the baby in the group. A fresh college grad from the deep south Chris came to Atlanta full of bright eyed optimism and I am happy to say he is definitely an ATL success story.

While many are tempted by the big city and bright lights, too often the young fall victim to all that GAyTL has to offer. That did not happen to Chris. He has been with his firm for four years, and at 25, is a CPA. Chris really is an inspiration. I am proud of the lil cutie.

I wonder how Joe and Aaron are doing. I should give them a call. Maybe I should rent a room. With this economy, the extra coney defiantly wouldn't hurt.