Sunday, March 21, 2010

The life of the party...

Too often we take friends and experiences for granted. We rarely consider that on any given day, at any given time, a conversation with a friend will be our last.

The last time I saw Jesse Sims was at a birthday gathering for our friend Ray in late February and as usual, he was the life of the party. The last email was sent hours before
he had a heart attack at work. He never recovered and was laid to rest Friday.

The loss of Jesse has really made me realize some very important things.

Jesse was, be the way, the picture of health. He worked out, was active, and was WELL kept.
He was fashionable, immaculately groomed, and physically fit. His death came as a shock to everyone who knew him.

I regret not knowing him better.

I always intended to call him, to ask him about his partner, to find out how they had made it work for so many years. Now, I will never know.

His partner’s name was not in the obituary. No picture they had taken was included. This broke my heart. I refuse to allow this to happen to Parker or anyone I love, for that matter.