Monday, January 10, 2011

A Snowy Night…

It is snowing hard and heavy outside. I am curled up on the coach, ipad in hand, a bowl of chili and cheese, watching Housewives of Atlanta. Like many queers, I love this show. I watch it every Sunday, while DVRing Brothers and Sisters. Atlanta, however, is not my favorite Housewives cast. I LOVE New York the most. I hope the new season is still good without Bethany.

I am so disappointed that the Colts are out of the playoffs, but luckily fellow blogger Raw Daddy gave me some photos to ease my pain. Check his blog out at
Now, I am all about the Patriots. Yes, I forever love Atlanta, but I am not a fan of the Falcons. Since the Mick Vick Dog Eating incident and the team’s absolute condemnation of him, I lost my love for this franchise. This year will belong to Tom Brady and the Patriots!

Today, I finally got into Rupaul’s Drag Race. A marathon has been on all day. I am in love with Tyra Sanchez. She is beautifully delicious.

I am getting ready to read Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom. Anyone read this? Any thoughts?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Did you read it, yet?

Each day, like some of you, I read blog after blog. While I often lack the time to post or reply to many, I have decided to post a blog of the week each Thursday. The blog of this week is Immanuel’s Confessions of a Downlow Brother. His most recent blog, located at, provided an insight look into a world I have often heard of but never experienced.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Something Beautiful to Start the New Year...

Pablo Neruda's "Ode to the Past"

is divided into two rivers:
flows backward, devouring
life already lived;
the other
moves forward with you
your life.
For a single second
they may be joined.
This is that moment,
the drop of an instant
that washes away the past.
It is the present.
It is in your hands.
Racing, slipping,
tumbling like a waterfall.
But it is yours.
Help it grow
with love, with firmness
with stone and flight...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye...

And its hard to say goodbye my love...
Hard to open up that door when ur not sure wat ur going for
But weve got to grow
Weve got to try
though its hard so hard
-Lyrics from "Hard to Say Goodbye," Dreamgirls...

A new year means many things for many people. For some people, it’s about resolutions and promises. For others, it is an opportunity to start a new chapter.

While sitting at church for Watch Night Service, waiting anxiously for Tabernacle Baptist to get the show started, I checked my facebook and saw numerous posts admonishing 2010 in anticipation of 2011. While some people did not have a good 2010,
I can say with no doubt that 2010 was a great year. Yes, I was robbed at gunpoint and yes, I loss some friends and loved ones, but the goals I set and the plans I made came to fruition. I ended the year happy, healthy, and wiser than I would have ever imagined.

I think the year was good for our nation as well.

Universal healthcare became law and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repelled. The economy has started to rebound and the job market is slowly improving. Yes, the Republican Reich is in full swing and sadly, I remember the damage the GOP can do (why the rest of America forget is beyond me).

But after all is said, our world is better.

To be honest, I am afraid of the future. Things for me and so many I love are so uncertain. And I face this uncertainty with faith and with hope. I know tomorrow will be better than today, but I am still scared.

Auld Lane Syne...

So what did you do for New Year’s?

I went to watch night service at Tabernacle Baptist Church.
I went to a party at the home of some guy I didn’t really know. The party was great, though. Live band, a basement with three levels, a dinner buffet followed by a breakfast buffet at 2 a.m… the party was hot.

Too bad the crowd wasn’t.