Saturday, January 31, 2009

Workout Playlist 2009?

I went to the gym today. That’s some good news. I realized my workout playlist was late. That’s some bad news. I need to download some new songs. What are some hot mixes and remixes that would help keep my motivated to move my fat A$$?

P.S. Does anyone else in this blog world read comic books? Am I the only one who realizes that Batman just died two weeks ago and no one in the world seems to care?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Can you keep up?

This week I was only able to get to the gym once! I feel like I am drowning… in a sea of work and beautiful men. All around the ATL, muscle bound, thirtysomething Adonises are everywhere and I cannot keep up.

With no wife or kids at home, most gay men are able to spend an hour to two in the gym each day. I work… two jobs. I teach every day, from 8 until 4 and at least two nights a week, sometimes three, I teach from 6 until 10.

This week, I had work commitments every single night of the work. I realize that during the school year, I do not have time for the gym.

When I tell my beautiful friends this, they begin to rearrange my day.

The gym simply does not fit into my schedule and unfortunately, I don’t think I will fit in a size 32 much longer.

Monday, January 26, 2009

These kids know too much...

Every teacher at my school has a study hall period at the end of the day. It is a garbage waste of my time. Rarely do students use this time to do work. Study hall usually turns into a huge gossip fest.

Today, while the students gossiped, I was grading essays and listening to my ipod on my docking station. A student came over and asked to change the song and I did not reply. The next thing I know, the student starts playing Whitney Houston’s So Emotional Remix.

Sean, who had the infamous peter meter [] is a thuggish kid and is standing over a group of other students states: Man, that’s that gay music they play at Bulldogs.

I pause. I wonder, is that a read? I reply: Sit down and be quite. He does so (I don’t play with classroom discipline) but I am inclined to wonder how he knows about bulldogs.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why can't she be beat out of her mind?

I want the gays to stop it and I mean it! Just give it up, guys. Submit and admit that Michelle Obama cannot dress.

I am sorry. She can’t.

She lacks natural style, but that’s okay. She’s a Harvard educated attorney and she’s our first lady. It is okay that she cannot dress.

I love Michelle Obama and appreciate her gifts. However, I do realize that we all have our weaknesses. No one, not even our first lady, is perfect. Stop insisting that Michelle be “beat out of her mind” every time she steps in front of a camera.

She can be beat. She can’t dress. No shade, girls.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

So have you ever... (Inaguration Edition)

My trip to DC/Baltimore was wonderful. We had a great time. I am sure many of you have a great time when you go on a trip with friends and loved ones. So I wonder if we have some experiences in common?

So have you ever been on a trip with someone who had a GPS and depended on it for each and every direction, even when it was clear the GPS was not reliable? Well, one of my dear mentors has GPS on his phone and our first stop on Saturday after arriving in Baltimore was to see Obama stop and speak while on his whistle stop tour. Staying on the harbor, we walked the capital on North Gay (of all places). The GPS worked wonderfully at first and guided us directly to Obama. But on the way home, something went wrong. Very wrong. When we found ourselves walking around the Baltimore Housing Authority’s Perkins Homes, I realized we were lost and in more ways than one.

So have you ever had a friend who read people he did not really know well enough to read? This is the case with one of my dearest friends. A friend bought his lover, who many of us did not know well.
Double Dees: You look good in that.
Friend’s Lover: Really?
Double Dees: Yeah. Really. You look like a million… pennies…

Now that comment, made in front of everyone was funny, but not as funny as..

Friend’s Lover: Whoa, bruh, you don’t even know me like that.


So have you ever been on a trip with a friend who took too long to get dressed? I mean, way too long? I mean, everyone is in the car for twenty minutes and your friend is still getting dressed? And did they then, although you are waiting, take a moment to prepare a cocktail for the road?

So have you ever been to a club and they really, really messed up coat check? Someone hosted a party at Club Mirrors in D.C. and since The Mill was too crowded, we decided to check it out. The crowd was a smorgasboard, but kinda cute. They had strippers (yeah, they were late but they were naked), but the drinks were ten dollars (oh, hell naw…). Well, when it was time to leave, they coat check was a mess. Coats were mislabeled, misplaced, and some were thrown on the floor. It took my party an hour for us to find our coats.

Hmmm… Do we have some common trip experiences? I wonder.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Tale of Two Cities...

It was the best of times; it was the worst of time. Alas, this MLK holiday boils down to a tale of two cities. It’s either D.C. or ATL.

As usual, Atlanta will welcome hundreds of hot, black, gay men and women for the annual King holiday.

Check out the following websites for your own itinerary:

Best Bets:
Friday: Man-Up Fridays at Moya’s:
Saturday: Vita Buckhead:
Sunday: Club Europe:
Monday: Stars of the Century at The Wild Mustang:

Hungry? Have breakfast at American Roadhouse or Thumbs Up Diner.
Try lunch at Gladys and Ron’s Chicken and Waffles and end the day with dinner at Chow Baby.

Atlanta should still provide a great weekend even if I will not be in town. I will be in Baltimore for the weekend, traveling with my first family, and heading to D.C. as traffic allows. I am hoping my fellow bloggers will update their blogs with the Baltimore and D.C.’s happenings.

Any other bloggers heading to D.C.? What are your plans for the weekend?
-Until Rick Warren marries Eddie Long,
Corey Keith

Friday, January 9, 2009

Post Your Secret-

Strolling around the blogosphere, I came across which made me remember This idea was so great, I am copying it.

So, post a secret. A real secret as in something that no one knows…
The rules established by xthecourage are as follows:

1. Only anonymous comments, if you post under a name i will delete it.

2. Anything goes, but please keep it decent, I don't really want to put the warning from blogger on this blog.

3. Don't comment on anyone elses secret, just confess your secret.

4. One secret per comment. Feel free to post multiple comments though.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I survived my first major temptation today! While heading home from work, I was starved. For breakfast I had a caramel macchiato (with soy), a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup (I have a slight cold) for lunch and a pear as a snack. I was doing well, but suddenly, out of the pits of hell, I started craving a peppermint milkshake from Chik-fil-a.

This was not a regular craving- something like a nice thought about a milkshake. It was an intense craving for a tall, sugary ice-cold creamy shake. I resisted.

After making it home, I had a glass of grapefruit juice instead.

-Until grapefruit juice tastes like a milk shake,
Corey Keith

Monday, January 5, 2009

Oprah and Corey plan to live their Best Life...

So many people have spoken silly clich├ęs about 2009. It’s mine, or it’s time to get fine. For me this new year is about putting action to what I know is right. I have a better life to live and I plan to finally begin to make the most of it. With a new year, it really is time for a new start and Oprah has made all the difference in the world.

Oprah is like a loving aunt who gives you advice that you can carry with you through good days and bad. Throughout this week, Oprah’s focusing on restarting her living your best life series and I am joining Oprah on her journey towards a better life in 2009. I am going on a diet. Rather, I should say diets- I plan to eat healthier, spend less wastefully, organize and maintain a neat home, and undergo a spiritual cleansing.

I do not expect to succeed overnight. I plan to work slowly and methodically towards achieving my goals and chronicling the process through this blog each step of the way.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Fortune Telling...

Some people hold that how the New Year begins will be a precursor to how the rest of the year will progress. Wouldn’t we all like to know the future? Palm readers, horoscopes, tarot cards… the arcane attempts to tell the future seems endless. Sometimes the knowledge we seek is right in front of a plate of chicken tenders.

2008 ended with uncertainty. Throughout the day, emails were sent, calls were made, and texts were received… all in search of definitive New Year’s eve plans. Every year, Atlanta gives you house parties galore, but in this recession year, nothing seemed to pop off.

I had several close friends come in from North Carolina (Thomas, Courtney) and Mississippi (Wendy), ready to ring in the new year. We ended up going to church.

Watchnight Service at Tabernacle was good and after service ended, we ended up going to Dugan’s Sports Bar for wings and tenders. We waited with bated breath for news of parties or directions, but none came. AtlTrackBoi and Ajay went home. Mallory and Handsome went home. The rest of us just waited and ate and talked and laughed and then I had an idea how 2009 would develop.

While dipping tenders in ranch, I looked around at Wendy, Dee, Fee, Double Dees, and Parker and I realized, that while 2008 ended with uncertainty, 2009 began with what matters most… friends, laughter, and love. And I am certain that no matter what 2009 brings, it will still bring friends, laughter, and love.