Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tyler Perry is a Homewrecker!

My friend Courtney, 27, lives in North Carolina and is a professor at a private college. He has been in a relationship with a young man (yes, a student but not his student) for the past two years. In that time he has grown to love Amil and Amil, I think, loves him in return. Courtney has never had reason to mistrust Amil but after watching Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Two, he decided to check Amil’s blackberry. And he found some very questionable messages from a young lady.

Courtney confronted Amil and Amil confessed to an ongoing affair with his ex-girlfriend.


A little background on Amil. He’s a 22 year old scorpio who has slept with men his entire life, but who has also slept with women. He claims he’s bisexual and can’t get pussy out of his system. That’s the excuse he gave Courtney for cheating.

Courtney called me for advice and I just listened. I am honestly baffled about what he should do. I never recommend breaking up. My motto is always “breaking up is not an option.” But in this case…

Any thoughts out there?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Can you really come home again?

A number of bloggers wrote last week about their absence from this world and it made me think about the purpose we serve as bloggers. Bloggers provide news, updates, dish the dirt, and provide insightful entertainment and ready breaks from the mundane nature of the daily grind.

It also made me realize that not only are we missed when we don’t write, but our purpose stands unfulfilled.

Bloggers are becoming increasingly important in our society as print journalism continues to decline in relevancy. Atlanta’s two major gay publications, David and Southern Voice both folded. And while new publications attempt to gain their followers, consistency is still needed. Bloggers who are dedicated and passionate about their craft provide that consistency.

There are moments, sometimes days and sometimes months, when we have nothing to say. Moments when our professional lives take priority and we are unable to steal away the time to write something of worth for our readers.

There are moments when we also wonder if our writing is even worth our time and the answer that we should always come to is yes, it is worth our time. Yes, our readers care about what we have to say and about our lives and we have a responsibility to get up, get out, and write.

I missed you and I am happy to be home. And now… let me tell you about those cheating bisexuals…