Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Well, its That Time of Year Again!

The world’s largest black gay pride event is here!

And this is what to do if you are visiting our fair city... Ignore the rest... This is the breakdown of how it goes down in the ATL for labor day...

Thursday Night- Everyone will be at Bulldogs, getting the weekend started. After 3 a.m. when the club closes, everyone will head to 708 to party till the wee-dawn!

Friday Night- Towers II Night Club is the spot! Everyone will crowd their black asses in their and burn the f*ck up….

Saturday - Brunch at American Roadhouse
Black Gay Film Festival at the Sheraton
Literary Cafe at the Sheraton (with Fredrick Smith- Check it out and buy the book, Down for Whatever! You won't be sorry!)
Falltacular Meet and Greet at Joe’s Crab Shack in Marietta
Shopping and Cruising at Lenox Mall

House Party at Dwayne Tharpe’s!
(If you are not invited, get with someone who is. He really knows how to throw a party!)
End the night with Traxx at their new location
Sunday- Lion’s Den party at Club Europe with annual fashion show! This is the one event on the list of things to do in Atlanta that I will not miss. It never fails to live up to its hype.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Parker's Coming Out!

It’s been six months and Parker and I are still going strong.

Parker is the cute, sexy twenty-one year old I met at Wal-Mart in February. Yes, he claims he is still into women (although he says he has not been with anyone other than me as of late) and no, we are not committed, but we have a wonderful relationship. I have been very resigned not to write about Parker because I somewhat feel as though I should not validate this unhealthy relationship with acknowledgement. But I have come to accept that I am enjoying the relationship and that I Parker has become a big part of my life. To each his own… um.. er.. maybe.

Parker has made great progress in regards to understanding himself and accepting himself lately. This past weekend, Jace (first-family cousin) had a birthday party/housewarming (on his rooftop I might add) and Parker actually wanted to go. He was apprehensive about the experience at first, but he had a wonderful time. He met all of my friends (i.e. first family) and he seemed well received (for the most part… thanks Uncle Ray).
As days go forward, I hope to see where things will go with Parker. I am still note expecting much and taking the situation at face value, but in this life of mine, you just never know.

Friday, August 10, 2007

A Sad Day in the Atlanta Sector of the Blogosphere!

I began blogging after reading an article in Southern Voice about C. Baptiste-Williams. The article focused on the best of Atlanta and Baptiste-Williams’ blog, HISstory was named a must-read blog. Well, I read the blog and realized that he offered a perspective and an insight I, and the world at large, needed. I then discovered his favorite blogs and the rest is history.

Well, today I read that C. Baptiste-Williams will be leaving Atlanta to return home to D.C. First Dayne Avery and now this…

At most parties and night spots I frequent, I am fortunate enough to see Baptiste-Williams. He gives you a little shade, trust me, but he will definitely be missed. Through his opionated, well-written, timely, and provocative writing, Baptiste-Williams has helped many appreciate Atlanta and understand the city I love.

I will miss his perspective on my city and on the events that link us Atlantans together. Things in Atlanta and in the Atlanta sector of the blogosphere will not be the same.