Monday, July 16, 2012

Jack'd killed the ATL Club Scene?

Atlanta has changed so much in my ten years here… To be honest, Atlanta has changed immensely since I started this blog six years ago. Sadly, I cannot say all of the changes are for the best.

Six years ago, I had to fight to get from one house party to the next. And each party was quality! Great food, plenty of drinks…

Today, house parties are in short supply.

Additionally, Atlanta was a city known for club life. Ten years ago, there was a nightspot for each night of the week.

Saturday belonged to Traxx.
Sunday was a choice between Chaparral and the Lion’s Den.
Monday was the Monday Night Show with the Star’s of the Century.
Tuesday also belonged to Traxx.
Wednesday was the Marq.
Thursday was Bulldawgs.
Fridays was Colors.

Today, as shocking as it is, there is no Saturday nightclub for men of color in the A.

How did it come to this?

The economy has killed the house party scene and social networking has put clubs out of business.

Why spend money on an outfit, entry, and drinks to meet a good jump off when Grindr and jack’d put the men right at your fingertips?


Harbor Lights said...

Not only that, with these apps, you can ALWAYS show yourself at your best and in your best. You can lay around the house all day in sweats and an old beater, yet your picture is of hollywood gold. Besides that, you have access to men nearly everywhere without having to have them gather all in one spot. It is sad that it has come to that there. I think the key is to get the clubs to become more innovative. They have got to really find something to offer them if they come. Something they wouldnt dream of missing with their own eyes.

I think the clubs should be more activity oriented. Its fine to come and stand around or freak on the dance floor, but what about a truly interactive club? Night time of course, adult drinks and things, but some type of really fun and competitive activities using in person communication. I havent been to a club in forever and maybe they do this already.

I think I mean like what about a dating game/speed dating themed night club? I think people would come to hear the answers and watch the bachelors compete for someone's affection and be inspired to meet new people while there. Obviously the old club formula aint cutting it.

Im telling you this Corey like you own a club or something. sorry.

Keith Jones said...

Good to see you are blogging again!!

I don't think you can blame the phone apps for the fledgling Atlanta club scene. When I came down to Atlanta in 2004 I agree the city was the place to be for black gay men. I have had some of the best times of my life in Atlanta around the club and nightlife scene. However men4now, adam4dam and black gay chat (BGC) was always at our disposal.

I think it is a mix of the economy and the stability of the club scene in Atlanta. The Chaparral last I heard closed and Traxx has moved way out where most people don't want to drive that far.

Honestly the scene has slowly been dying out. I left Atlanta in 2008 to come back and visit a couple of years later in shock that my favorite Friday and Sat night spots no longer existed.

There is still a market. The issues are finding a decent, cost friendly local venue and trying to be innovative at the same time.

Corey Keith said...


It is so true that the apps add a whole new level of convenience to hooking up.

I hope that the club scene takes note and adjusts accordingly.


I am glad to be back. Traxx has officially closed as well. I am hopeful that the city I love can stage a club comeback but I am not certain it can.

UrSoVain said...

Maybe its just the end of an era?

xivinrah said...

I wholeheartedly agree on this… But it is not the reasons why I do not do social networking. Beyond my blog, which is quite the deep and introspective affair for myself, I do not engage in that medium facilitated for the purpose of "greater" connectivity between two or more people. I think calls and texts will suffice for me. I do not believe in the proliferation of sexual promiscuity, and that is exactly what much of these social networks like grindr, provide. People obscure their intentions behind key words like "looking for a relationship, dating, etc" but I believe the real intent is a hook up. Which is why I abstain from them. I believe in more. Not being a whore. lol

Great post, Corey. :)

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