Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Year Follies

The new year kicked off with hilarity.

While we are nine days into 2008,I would be remiss if I did not share my New Year’s experience.

While many people across the country have made watch-night service an annual tradition for starting the New Year since 2000, this was my first year going to a watch-night service. I, along with some of the first family (Uncle Mallory, his lover Mitchell, Cousin Douglas, Cousin Rodeshia, and Double Dees) attended Tabernacle Baptist Church in Downtown Atlanta.

The service was lively and, while it should not have been, funny.

The church girls cut up (Cousin Rodeshia included). One girl even pulled out a homemade tambourine with mini-tambourines attached. Shake your tambourine, girl gone get your Jesus in!

Testimonies abounded.

“I just wanna thank the lawd for 2007. While it was a hard year, and lawd it was hard, I done made it through. My lights was off, my gas was off, and my water was off. I had to cut the water on outside down the hill every night after the water department closed and turn if off every morning before going to work. I done finally got my water back on, and praise God, I have not got no water bill in three months!”

While I understand and empathize with the financial difficulties displayed by this young lady (okay, it was a young man.. um.. er.. it was really a young lady) the fact that no water bill has been mailed in three months is a major problem. The Atlanta City water department is going to get him right together.

After church, I met up with Parker (who is somewhat opposed to organized religion) and we went to a house party off Cascade Road. The party was hot (especially since there were no other free parties getting any buzz that night) until the homeowner (a little drunk) started waving a knife and telling the kids to get the hell out of his house. To be fair, a drunken partygoer who was regurgitating in a black bag was the impetus for the party’s conclusion.

After the party, a group of us caravanned to downtown Atlanta to eat at an all you can eat diner where the gratuity was high, the waiter was slow, the manager was ruder, and the first family ruder.
All in all, the night was one hot mess and we all know how much fun those messes can be.


life said...

In response to your comment on my blog. What message did you receive when you were in those situations?

Promiscuous X said...

What a dam night story to tell. Wow no gas, water dam what the hell was they doing with the money.

Corey Keith said...

Life, there were so many lessons learned from running into two ex’s back to back who were both moving on with their lives while I was still pinning over what was not going to happen. I am not saying you are doing that, I but I do it all the time. I am constantly reflecting on my life and on my past. Seeing them both, one male and one female, both from college days gone by, made me realize that I had to let go of the past and decide what I wanted in terms of a real relationship.

Promiscuous X, the testimony was not from the church, but was from a church-goer.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Interesting yo. Sounds like you had a wild night ma dude. Have a great 08'!!!