Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Inquisition...

Have you ever spent way too much on ingredients for a meal that went horribly wrong? Last Sunday, I made chili and it tasted horrible. The chili tasted like I poured motor oil in the pot.

Do you love your friends? My friends are amazing. I love my friends! They are the best!

Have you become friends with a blogger? Thad (This Place Called Obscurity) is a wonderful person and his roommate and best friend, Jauntae, is almost as cute as he is.

Did you buy the Beyonce CD today? While I have not listened to the new Beyonce CD, I think it is a massive waste of space for her to divide eleven songs over two CDs.

Do you still watch Desperate Housewives? I cannot wait to find out who Dave is out to get on Wisteria lane. While a lot of the season has been a wash so far, Dave keeps me watching. And those blue eyes are so piercing?

Is anyone else addicted to 90210? The show is really captivating. My lover and I watch it every Tuesday night. And are you as sad as he is that the show will not air new episodes until January 6?

Has anyone else seen Noah’s Ark the movie? I found it surprisingly good, guh.

Until Hilary Clinton become Vice-President through the order of succession,
-Corey Keith


Q said...

Am I the only one that thinks Kim from 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' can't sing? Is she kidding?

meangirl said...

I love Desperate Housewives! But this season is a bit of a wash. Dave is out to get Mike, b/c Mike killed Dave's brother, who happened to be his cell mate while he was in prison. That's why Dave was so adamant about Mike being in the band, and went out of his way to buy that house for Mike to rent. As well as going back to save him during the fire, b/c in Dave's words, "I'm not done with you yet!"

Crazy Diamond said...

I so feel you on the cooking, and the thought of, Damn, I spent all of that money for this?!!! That feeling defined my early days of cooking, and I can't tell you how many times I was so thankful that i lived alone and no one else was around to taste my horrible experiment. Now I love to cook for others, and thankfully haven't had that feeling in a while. I can't wait to do ingredient shopping for Thanksgiving this weekend!

I'm definitely down for lunch some time, as long as its not that chili you made :)

PRIMO said...

I love 90210 [Especially Tristan Wilds!] though I never watched the old one. Its seems to get a lil better every epi.

Promiscuous X said...

I love each every one of my friends.

I have visted Thads page..I like his blog

I saw the noahs Arc movie last week. I think the dude thats outed hisslf to his parents should have been alot more masculine to fit the role. Cause he was tooo soft and they could of did without the voguing scene.

Desperate Housewives ...umm neva watched it and nope dont watch teh new 90210.

I do plan on pickn up B's new cd after I hear tracks off it 1st

deonte' k said...

LOL at ur chilli... poor babe...

and yes I love my friends. They are the best. ;)

Yes I don't get why she made 2 disc 4 this album.

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

heard the beyonce cd... wasnt her best work

very addicted to watching the Tristan Wilds show every Tuesday

i dont believe there is an order of succession for the vice president... if the VP resigns or dies the President picks the new one.

and what would i do for some chili or any kind of food since having my wisdom teeth out earlier today all i have eaten is smoothie king

Darius T. Williams said...

I love desperate housewives - I can't wait to find out about Dave either. I still with Gabby and Carlos were rich tho - I like them better that way.

Um, that chili recipe - next time - e-mail me, I'll give u a sure fire recipe - no more motor oil...mkay?

TrackboiAtl said...

Yes Chili like Motor Oil! Well we are having sunday dinner every sunday at your house from now on

Corey Keith said...

Q, dear God, she's horrible and all of America knows it!

Oh... Some how I missed that, meangirl... thanks.

Crazy, that chili is garbage, literally.

Promo, don't you think Tristian smiles too much?

X, the CD belongs in the same bag as my chili, the garbage. And I thought the outed boy was so damn cute...

Deonte, I like the new pic.

Darius, you always claiming these receipes but I have yet to receive one.

C. Baptiste, LOL at the Tristian Wilds Show...

Thirsty, we will have Sunday dinner at your house because natural gas ain't free, guh.

Chet said...

What up man? Just happen to stop to see what it be like or whats good with you. Let me see if I can answer your questions or comment.
Yes we have all fouled up a meal it was lamb I was preparing, it just went wrong very wrong.
I do adore my friends, I love them.
Yes I have become quite friendly with a blogger and to my surprise the brotha is all that and then some.
No Beyonce CD yet, I will allow that to be one of my grab bag gifts from a co-worker this holiday.
I have not viewed a episode of: Desperate Housewives in months.
I do not have an addition to 90210, but I did see a brotha in one of the episodes.
The movie is good!
Yes it is possible... V.P. Clinton

Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday

fuzzy said...

no, meals always come out rather good!

I love my friends, I question the love some of them have for me!

Yes, close friends with 2 bloggers!

No Beyonce for me!

Nope, not much time for tv!

I've only seen the pilot of 90210, no further episodes for me thanks!

That movie is fire! Definitely a must see!

lol at the Hilary Joke!

super said...

Yeah, it was horrifically horrible

BPS 3.0 : Dallas said...

Love the questions and answers. I feel you on the chilli tasting like motor oil. It only needs a little of everything that kicks. I learned the hard way...and I learned alone. LOL!!