Monday, September 17, 2007

Leaving No Child Behind- A Story of Life and Love in New York City

After such a tumultuous month, Parker and I decided that we were both in need of a vacation. With Double Dees and Cousin Rodesha along, I knew we would have some sort of a time and, well, we did.

New York, New York. Last year, Cousin Douglas and I went and he said that any relationship that can survive a trip to New York together is a relationship that has staying power.

I love to travel and New York City is my favorite travel destination (with Houston as a close second!). The trip provided Parker and I the magnifying glass our relationship needed and both Double Dees and Rodesha with enough laughs (often at my expense) to last at least until Christmas.

We stayed at the Sheraton, New York on 53rd Street and 7th Avenue. The hotel was a four-star steal, since we only paid $366 each for the flight and the two-night hotel stay.

We hit the shopping areas, walked the squares, and sampled the clubs (yeah, it is true… ATL black gay night life really is the best in the US.)

Here’s an abridged account of the trip:

#1- Parker had never been to New York. We took the subway to SoHo to get some True Religion Jeans. When we got on the train, it was crowded. Why Parker sat away from us, I don’t know, but when we stopped and everyone got off, he stayed on. Luckily I got back on, but by then, the train was off and we were separated. Truly, it is my job to leave no child behind.

#2- I waited for an entire year since being in New York to eat some fried macaroni and cheese from Chelsea’s The Cafeteria. Delicious again, the fried mac and cheese did not disappoint. However, the other food I ordered, did. I was starving and the order was messed up twice. When we left, I just grabbed a slice of pizza (or… um… two).

#3- Fantasia is truly amazing in The Color Purple. The play was really good, but it is Fantasia who makes the show! If you have not seen it and can make it before her Broadway run ends, it is worth your time and effort.

#4- On the way to the airport, after having a great weekend jaunt to New York, our cabbie decided to take a scenic view and make a little extra change off the tourists. I told him we were pressed to catch our flight and he told me to get my ass out of his cab. Yes, in the middle of Central Park, our cabbie kicked us out! Luckily, within minutes, another cab pulled up and took us to the airport. We made our flight with time to spare.

Again, the trip was great, but the nightlife left a lot to be desired. I just knew I’d take New York, but on second thought, you can have it. And I also thought I was going to take a bite out of the big apple, but after just checking my bank statement, I realized the big apple just took a bite out of me.

Damn, what another fine mess you’ve gotten yourself into this time, Corey!


BronzeBuckaroo said...

I cannot get over the cab driver. Your going back for Parker was sweet. Seems like he was initially a little overwhelmed by the New York experience as evidenced by that train ride. I would be to I guess. New York can overwhelm and enthrall all at once.

Mr. Jones said...

You've gotta watch out for taxi drivers in New York; they will try to play you. I had one who tried to swear me up and down that to get me from Chelsae to Battery Park he had to detour through Morningside Heights thru Harlem over to East Harlem and then down thru the Upper Eastside. I said..sir, let me the hell out. You won't have me feeding your damn kids tonite.

That Dude Right There said...

Won't New York break ya bank. Each time I go up there. I spend about $400 a day.

ZDK said...

What did Parker think of the whole experience?

Corey Keith said...

I spent about $400. Parker really had a good time, Zach. I am actually going to blog about that soon. It really brought us closer together.

ZDK said...

Aww.Parker is so lucky to have a man to pay for him to go to New York. I know you must have treated him like a king while you were there.

Corey Keith said...

LOL... I did not pay for Parker's trip. He paid for his own ticket and his own way. I think he would flip if he read this and if he knew someone thought I was paying his way. He is OCD about money. He hordes it and hates to spend it, but he always has it. He's like an old white man.

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

HOUSTON?!?! maybe because I lived there for 13 years that I can't see why anyone enjoys that city.

i need to get my ass up to NYC real real soon now im back in DC i have no excuses

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Hmmmmmmmmm...I always find it interesting how people view NYC whom are not from here. I mean I've lived here for so long that the mystic has never been there for me. And then working in Manhattan...Jeesh I'm just glad to get on NJ Transit and head back to the burbs. But I suppose the fast pace would be appealing to tourist. Glad you had a good time. I need to make it down to Atlanta to partake in the night life.