Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Parker!

Parker made me remove the most recent post. He said it was disrespectful. We did discuss the assumed intended infidelity, and the issue was resolved. A lesson was learned. I should consult my man first before listening to what anyone else would have to say.

Being backlogged, I am going to update in real time. Parker’s birthday was March 18 and we celebrated by going to Yuki’s Japanese Steakhouse. The entire evening was a comedy of errors to say the least.

Most of the first family was there as were several of Parker’s friends. This is where things got sticky. I invited Gatsby while Parker invited Gatsby’s ex, Michael. Um… not a smart move.

Gatsby and Michael had been dating for three months and things did not end well. For me, Gatsby and Michael’s relationship gave me hope. With Gatsby being 38 and Michael being 21, the age difference between Parker and I did not seem so bad.

We took up two tables at the restaurant. Both Michael and Gatsby came late and ended up sitting at the table with Parker, his friends, any myself. My friends, the first family, sat across from us. After two drinks and a round of sushi, the tea started to spill. Michael got drunk, Gatsby got pissed, and everyone else got their life.
I bought Parker a new phone and some underwear for his birthday. This weekend, we ended up going to Gatlinburg to work on our relationship with my friend B (http://alwaysbfree.blogspot.com) and his (um hm) date. And that’s where things got interesting.


Chet said...

Please tell me this dinner was not Place Card Seating. I would strongly suggest that you apply more thought to putting together gatherings and parties for your lover/friend.

I am sure the guest got their life from all the drama taking place during that gathering.

Best wishes to you and your. Have a great weekend retreat.

Corey Keith said...

LOL! The dinner was not place card seating. The seats were the only ones open because they came late. The retreat was this weekend so I will post that blog soon.

B Free said...

Ohhhh the retreat.... Remember in the movie "Why Did I Get Married"? Drove up that mountain to save the marriage only to leave that mountain with without the crazy friend. Where is my Sheriff? I bet hes still sleep right now.

Retreats can shine all kinds of light on a situation....Thanks

Sedrick said...

I so want to know MORE!!!