Monday, October 13, 2008

Hey Thirsty, it's your birthday!

Dear Thirsty,

Happy birthday.

Friendships, in the gay community, sustain us. When for some, family abandons us and lovers let us down, it is our friendships that we can count on.

As chronicled on this blog, I have numerous associates, but only a few true friends. I am fortunate that you are in my life.

I do not believe in randomness. I believe in fate. When you met Chris, it was meant for you to date him so you could meet Parker and we could become friends. I guess it was true friendship at first sight.

Thirsty. Seeker of love, friendship, and more than most people will ever have. You are passionate, ambitious, and more than anything else, worthy to have all you seek.

You are my friend. I love you and cherish the time we have spent together. I look forward to the memories to come. Happy birthday, lovely.


bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

And Thirsty is cute! LoL

Happy Bday indeed!


TrackboiAtl said...

Corey thank you so much for being there for my 25th. You are a very very special person in my life and I thank GOD for placing you there.

Anonymous said...
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JACK said...

Aww - this is so sweet! I want a friend like that.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Happy B-Day, Thirsty...

Q said...

Happy B-day Thirsty! Can I get a martini...?

Promiscuous X said...

Happy Birthday Thirsty.

Ahem...."I'm parched" lol

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Oh n Thirsty has a page too...?! Bartender put in drink in this boyz handz!!! LoL