Sunday, May 17, 2009

She was my queen in 1998...

I was just a little girl
Skinny legs, a press and curl
My mother always thought I'd be a star
But way before my record deal,
The streets that nurtured Lauryn Hill
Made sure that I'd never go too far
-Lauryn Hill's "Every Ghetto, Every City" lyrics

I just saw this picture and I was shocked. Have you guys seen this? Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

That photo received so much negative press around the blog community. Everyone was so focused on her look, rather than the fact that she had her children at the library. Initially, I also gagged at her appearance, but after really getting in, I got over it. From day one, Lauryn always seemed to me a woman who was not very concerned with her physical appearance, a free spirit, but with the coddling of her record label, she was manufactured into a snatched, locks always coiffed, face matte and Hershey, modern day Nubian Queen. I think once she got a taste of fame, she realized that it really wasn't that important to her.She detached herself from that which was superficial and took a stronger hold of the spiritual. She settled down.

**Gives her husband Rohan the side-eye**

Remember there were always rumors that he wasn't exactly the most faithful partner. Lauryn has at least five children at the present and I bet she is the primary caregiver. Something about that Rohan just never sat right with me.

YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

Although I am ver familiar with having my own opinion and ideas about certain celebrity behavior(coughs and clears my throat)... I am going to have to pleasantly disagree with Chaz above me!

How do I say this to stay on the lines of being polite and courtesy...hmm...I think Miss Hill (as I have heard she is to only be addressed like Diane Ross), is an out of her mind crazy bitch!

Well, I tried...I really did, but I'm sorry, I think all of what he said is stuff she wants her fans to believe is the reason for her behavior.

Now I don't care if she is in a library or a celebrity tea, she looks a horrid mess. I'm not even talking about her cloths or her hair, in the face she looks terrible. It has nothing to do with her not wearing makeup either. She looks like she been on some stuff the way her lips and nose are so dark and crusty looking.

So Chaz believes she is has detached from the superficial and tooken hold to the you blaming that hot mess on the spiritual...well, you might be right she might just be spirtual, what spirits she got going on is another question though.

You don't have to be superficial, to take pride and diginty in your appearance. Now don't get me wrong
I have had moments I look terrible, I would be the first to tell you, I run out to the grocery store, drug store or cleaners look tore up, but like HELL I'm going to be some where, where Diane Sawyer is, posing in a picture nonetheless, looking like a crack head bag woman.

Now I'm not going to say she needs a box of Dark and Lovely, which by the way she could use, but I know that's not her style I agree she is a free spirit and like that natural stuff. But you can't tell me with all her money, she couldn't pick up a hair pic and comb out that nabby fro on her head and pick up some chapstick or something throw some cocoa butter on her face or something.

Now as far as Rohan goes...yeah I remember the rumors about him not being the most faithful of men, especially since, if my memory serves me correctly he was married to someone else, when him and Miss Hill first hooked up. Now I could be wrong but wasn't he married to someone else during the births of like at least the first three kids?

My whole thing is what does that have to do with her looking crazy, that he is the cause of her breakdown or prehaps drug issue(not trying to start nothing but she looks it). you act as if her being the primary caregiver is the casue of that. She has millions hire a nanny and go get a makeover!

Well, she and Rahman could be married now, but he was definetely married to someone else when she first started having his babies. I didn't even know they were still together, so he's the father of her last baby too, I thought it was someone new's baby. I had heard on the radio that she had a baby earlier this year, but she has yet to name it. LMAO, that still makes me laugh. It made me laugh when I heard it and it makes me laugh now, she had a baby months ago and still hasn't named it yet.
I'm telling you she CRAZY! Those kids look healthy and cool in the pictuer but I'm telling you, I'm sure child services needs to be called, if not for the only reason that she hasn't named a baby after months of being born!

Crazy Diamond said...

My friend asked me just the other day: Whatever happened to Lauryn Hill? Like most people, he assumes that she went crazy or something. But I agree with Chaz. I said that I believe she experienced such phenomenal success and acquired so much fame that she realized that was not the life for her. Everyone wants fame, but most of us don't realize how restricting a box it is to live in. I hope Lauryn is living freely and happily.

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

i thought all talented people were borderline crazy... she is no exception

catchingupat20 said...

She is doing what she has to do, and perhaps the fame and attention and pressures of celebrity did get to her. But, look, she may not be red carpet ready, but look at her children. Of course this is just a snapshot, but they appear clean, happy, healthy, and she has them in a bookstore. Comparing to a lot of other black mothers, she seems to be doing an excellent job of taking care of her children.

4GOTTEN1 said...

I absolutely love lauryn I always have shit always will. She still records music and releases it periodically. She did an interview a few years back i think she was in germany or somewhere. She talks about how so much fame succes and a tainted loved hurt her to her core so now it's hard for her to look at life and do things they way she use too. She did a song for the Happy Feet soundtrack and if u listen to it she tells about what's going on and what happend. It's called I had to lose myself. She may look bad but shit she is a mother to her children and at the end that's all that matters.