Monday, July 20, 2009

This Mess I Call Life (Corey's Random Updates)...

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was not a good movie. I am an admitted Harry Potter fan. I have read all of the books and Half Blood Prince was my favorite! I love Snape and Hermione and Ron and Luna and this book really delivered. I wish this movie would have done the same. So much of the nuisance and character building was missed from the film.

Bruno was a great movie! I laughed out loud, kicked the chair in front of me, and screamed several times.

Okay, first of all, I would like to tell all readers that there are real housewives in Atlanta with SICK amounts of money. The ladies on Bravo’s television show are clearly middle-middle class chicks. With that in mind, I watch the program to laugh at the antics and hysterics of these classless women. I am a Sheree fan. And while most of the girls love Miss Ne Ne, I hate her! Consequently, I am so looking forward to Kandi from Exscape being added to the mix to let this former stripper have it!

One of the funniest hours of television this summer is this week’s Kathy Griffin’s Life on the D-List. She is attempting to see if humor is color blind and attempts to be down with the black community. Catch it on a repeat if you have missed it.

And if you missed it, our sister Reco (Memphis native, Kappa Alpha Psi member, and Atlanta resident) was kicked off Bravo’s whack ass fashion show. How dare they allow Miss Anna and those rags she calls couture continue over Reco? I cannot wait until August 20! Please Heidi, come show these girls how it’s done…


Chaz said...

Have you gotten into how affected Nene's accent and delivery has been lately? She is trying to speak better, but it just comes off phony, and irritates the living life out of me. I can't wait for the show though. It is going to be even more entertaining this season.

I thought "Bruno" was mad corny. WOW. I found myself being forced to laugh at parts that others in the theater found hysterical. I couldn't get in AT ALL. I am going to see Harry later this week. Hopefully my experience differs from yours.

Crazy Diamond said...

I thought Bruno was funny too, although I didn't enjoy it as much as some of his other stuff like Borat and the Ali G Show. It was interesting to see many people walking out of the theater when I went to see it at Atlantic Station. I guess all of the penis shots were a bit much for some of the straight couples.

You'll have to come to our viewing party for the Real Housewives when Sheree has her fashion show. Me and some friends went to the show and we're almost certain that we snuck into some footage :) I got a chance to see the first episode of the second season and all I can say is that your girl Sheree DELIVERS!

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

I thought Bruno was trying too hard to be over the top. Borat and Ali G were much funnier to me.

Why are these old Escape members punnishing us again by having to look at them?

I caught the Kathy Griffin rerun... HILARIOUS! getting banned from the Apollo was too funny.

I didn't even know that Fashion Show still came on... poor Kelly.

YBandDL Bad PYT In the Closet at Hearbreak Hotel said...

Here is my thing there is a lot of people in Atlanta, with big money, and that's what I thought the Housewives series was about, yet there was only a few on this show with big money. Deshawn, who they kicked off because she was boring, but I liked her, because she seemed the realist of them all. Foolery and Drama isn't necessary 24/7! Lisa had money, but I think it's suspect that she doesn't talk about her personal life, like where her other two children are, why they are with their father and not her...Why her Ex husband has custody...Mister Begging himself Keith Sweat!!! Nene apparently got foreclosed on, but she says she moved. Sheree got Foreclosed on, but she says it was her ex husband's fault...Kim where does she get her money, it can't all be from ex Big Poppa.

However I will watch it like New York, New Jersey and Orange County.

Hell Yes...Last night, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List was off the chain!!!I mean I admire her for attempting to see if humor is color blind, but who would have thought the thing to get her kicked off the stage would be profanity....Profanity?...on a black comedy stage...WTF? I was literally on the floor laughing. I mean the sweat was just pouring off her face. A the Apollo stage manager going off on her for one curse word, "Pussy," like it was the most obscene thing he had ever heard on that stage.

I don't care if it's kids in the audience...them Harlem kids have heard a lot worse then, "Her lips look like a pussy."

I in fact did miss the last episode of the "Fashion Show," I think it was setup. I thought the whole point of the show was for America to pick the winner, yet why did Reco get kicked off?
Why didn't they let America pick from the top four?

This show has been BS from the start, yet I watched it, and now it's it stamped and certified Bull to the Shit...they knew that nigga was going to win, enough said. He had it in the bag, I missed his runway showing, but I'm sure he brought it!

I still stand behind the fact that Isaac was a horrible choice...I think the show was very low budget and not well thought through. I think Kelly however isn't the most terrible on the show, I don't hate her on the show!

life said...

I haven't heard anything good about bruno.

I think Kandi will be an interesting addition to Atlanta Housewives

I love Kathy

Yet said...

is Harry naked...? hahaha.

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