Friday, July 3, 2009

Ms. Anne's Snack Shop: A Culinary Adventure with Congorillas

Before exploring this upcoming weekend, I have to admit that last weekend was quite an adventure.

My friend and fellow blogger, Turn me up a lil (Thad) and I made a commitment to hang out more. He was off this weekend and we met up for lunch to discuss his dating life (the Italian) and his professional life (choices to pursue which advance degree).

Thad is an amazing guy. He has swag and a pedigree.

So it was up to me where we went and I decided on Mrs. Annes.

Mrs. Anne’s Snack Shop is an Atlanta trademark. Since Thad has not been in the ATL a year, I figured he had to true Mrs. Anne’s at least once. Home of the famous Ghettoburger, Mrs. Anne’s was named the number three best burger in the United States one year by a program on Food Network and I think going to Mrs. Anne’s in an Atlanta “Rite of Passage.” Since Thad has been in Atlanta less than a year, I felt like I owed him this burger.

Well, we got the true Mrs. Anne’s experience.

The burger shack has only two workers…. Mrs. Anne and her son. She only serves eight people at one time. You cannot order in advance. You sign a list and wait to be called.

We signed the list and there was a group of eight being served and six people waiting. We thought we were pretty lucky. We could handle waiting forty five minutes (which is how long you wait to order and eat ONCE you make it inside).

So we sit outside, in the 100 degree heat, and wait. On cement benches. We talk and catch up and grow hungrier and hungrier.

Finally, the eight customers being served exit and the next group lines up. Two fat negroes (a CONGORILLA and his CONGORILLAETTE) jump up and are the first in line. They came right after us. And I’ll be damned if they were not seated.

I got hotter than wolf pu%$y! Thad told me I should have said something and looked as though he would hit me. He was really hungry.

We sat back down, on our cement bench, and watched those fat a##es eat our BURGERS! For forty five additional minutes, with our stomachs churning, we waited.

Finally, they finished and we entered. Thad said he was so hungry he didn’t even want to eat anymore. That is the worst hunger. But then the seasoned fried came and we ate. And then the burgers came, and we ate.

Thad said the burger was worth the wait and that he was pissed I had taken him there because he would have to come back and do the whole thing over again.


Turn me up a lil said...

That burger was good as fuck fuck

Dusty Boot said...

So what's the point of signing up the list if people can jump in front of you? That's silly....

Anonymous said...

Is it THAT exclusive? Eight people at one time? A sign in list? Damn. LOL! Work, Mrs. Anne.

KI KI@ the Congorillas. Typical splaboo behavior. I bet they weren't even hungry, just greedy.

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

ive been there once and waited for the burger just for the experience... it was good. but i doubt that i would ever wait for it again... and definitely not an hour and a half.

Kyon Saucier said...

It probably was a good as burger but yeah you should've spoke up. Now way I'd have let them cut infront of us.

Lamar Perez said...

Sounds like my Einsteins experience this July 4. I will definitely had to find out what Anne is putting in those burgers to make us wait in line for 45minutes but I need to buy some stock

@ Turn me up a lil: Glad you enjoyed the burger

That Dude Right There said...

Wait 1.5 hours? For a burger? Oh Hell No!!!


Child Ms. Anne turns it to me. I went there once and was gagged at how she makes us, her public wait on a damn burger...and we waited. Her attitude is horrible but the burger is good. I WILL NEVER GO BACK...EVER! but we all should experience