Monday, July 28, 2008

Some more answers...

Turn me up a lil wants to know:
Why will you forever love Atlanta?

Atlanta is an amazing city as both visitors and residents alike will agree. Where else in America can you go and find people who look like me and love like me and are able to express themselves and their love with reckless abandon? I love it. I actually have a blog in progress giving you 26 reasons why I love Atlanta.

Do you still masturbate even though you're involved with someone?
Yes. We both do, and often we do it together.

What are your goals for the rest of 2008?
1. Continue working on a book I am authoring/editing with two fellow bloggers.
2. Make significant progress on my dissertation.
3. Strengthen my partnership with Parker.
4. Continue my physical diet and my debt diet.

C. Baptiste Williams wants to know
How long will you run from Parker's parents?

When Parker comes out to his parents and they have time to deal with it, I will be happy to re-introduce myself.

Does the overt gayness of Tabernacle ever bother you?
I have grown to truly appreciate Tabernacle Baptist Church. I go to church to grow spiritually, not to judge or be judged. If you go to Tabernacle with a mind for Christ and for the word, you will not notice any “overt gayness.” I did at first, mind you, but I grew beyond that.

Why do you have a damn cat?
I wrote about Aristotle last year. He was a gift from my ex, Tim. In a way, I think he was Tim’s way of saying I would be alone- just an old spinster with a cat.

Q wants to know:
Miley Cyrus or Jamie Lynn Spears?

Jamie Lynn Spears, all the way!

Fuzzy wants to know
Why or how did you become a blogger?

I became a blogger after reading the 2006 Person of the Year Issue of Time Magazine, which proclaimed that YOU were the person of the year. BLogging had made a significant impact on the world, and I wanted to contribute. During the same week, Southern Voice Magazine (SoVo), which caters to gay men and women, profiled the best gay blogs in Atlanta and featured His Story 2 as the blog of the year. I read the blog, loved it, and the rest became history.

What would you consider your biggest downfall, why?
I am a sucka for love… D-Woods crooned it best. I overindulge. I eat too much, spend too much, and love too much.

If you were to die 5 min from now, and had to give one last piece of wisdom to the world, what would it be?
The only opinion of you that ever mattered is the opinion you have of yourself. You are what you perceive yourself to be


fuzzy said...

I do have to say that we all over indulge in some way shape or form! I over eat, I over drink sometimes, I overdo in many aspects of life. I think that is being human to a certain degree.

4GOTTEN1 said...

Yo i'm a sucka for love as well so don't feel so bad u arent the only one.

Turn me up a lil said...

I'm anticipating those 26 reasons sir!

Anonymous said...

good stuff...

Corey Keith said...

I am working on my overindulgances, though... I hit the gym hard today... With Parker's help and I am cutting back on food and spending...

And the 26 reasons are coming...

Darius T. Williams said...

GREAT answers. Next time I cook - I'm doing smothered chicken...for you and I'll include a recipe. It's easy as ever.

Q said...

I'm a sucka for love too, well that and D. Woods' asymmetrical bob.

Raw Thoughts said...

the gym... yea I need to do that... At your request, i posted my date...

deonte' k said...

I was just in Atlanta this pass weekend. I love it down there. I stayed @ the Georgian Terrace Hotel
. It was beautiful.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Jamie Lee Spears? Really?