Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Momma Dearest?

My mother and I have never been best friends. It’s not as though my mother and I do not love each other. We do. It’s just that we really don’t understand each other.

My mother always wanted a normal son and I was anything but normal. She wanted a boy who romped around, was funny and endearing, and who knew when to keep his mouth shut.

Nope. Not me. I didn’t romp around. I wasn’t very good with hand and eye coordination. I wasn’t funny or endearing. I was… me to put it simply. I belonged behind a book, not a baseball glove. And I never knew when to shut up. And nope, I still haven’t learned according to most people.

I was never the son my mother wanted but she learned to accept me. These are not things we have shared through conversation, mind you. There are some things you just now. And with this, I am now struggling to accept her.

My mother is dating a 36 year old. I am thirty. I know this guy. We went to the same schools. I just don’t know if this is okay, but I have diffantely made her think it was.

My mother accepts my love life so I think its only natural that I accept hers.

And if you ever wondered where I got my penchant for cute, younger guys… yup, I got it from my momma.


.::RoCkii*BoXxE::. said...

well as long as he treats her right, then I guess you must let it take its course. She is a big gal. She can take care of herself. We are the total opposite. I love men that are much older.

J. Clarence said...

My mother dearest as a thing for Spaniards, she says. Never met one, personally, but I've heard good things.

My relationship with my mother is similar. We love each other dearly, but have difficulty getting along well. We've solved it temporarily by cutting down on the amount of time we talk to each other and what exactly we talk about.

I have no idea what kind of son she wanted, but she's going to have to make due with the one she popped out.

Best of luck with that one. You know what they say, "Mothers: can't live with them, can be birthed without them."

Crazy Diamond said...

LOL that it runs in the family :) I deal with the same issues of trying to accept my mother after she accepted me, but for different reasons. I'm sure your mom is far more satisfied with the son that she has than you ever know :)

Anonymous said...

yup,ma dukes excepts me now...but
it was hard to earn that exceptance
and hard for me to forgive her for
making me work so hard....but now
we both grown and though I am not
giving her the grandbeans she wants
lik my other siblings ,our relationship is ok....when will we
as black brothas who lik the same
get the lov we feel our parents extend to our siblings so easily,
most likely never..but we must be
firm,stand our ground and be willing to compromise...ya moms
sounds cool and at least she is open to getting a relationship,my moms is old and dont do those things no more..and ya lucky,my
friend had a similiar thing goin on but his moms was dating his
ex jumpoff .....yah know how that
worked out .....good luck and keep
the faith manchild

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

i dont understand why it would be wrong?

who are we to judge on who someone else dates.

your mother hasnt lived all these years to be a fool now.

thegayte-keeper said...

Like mother...like son...

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