Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Another Weekend in the A...

Professor Courtney and Thomas from North Carolina came to town for Thomas’ birthday. Our weekend went a little something like this…

Welcome to ATL… Let’s Have Lunch at Busy Bee Café

Busy Bee is an Atlanta soulfood staple. The fried chicken is legendary (in large part because it is soaked in a buttermilk batter overnight) and I wanted Courtney and Thomas to try it. Thomas loved the food. Courtney opted for healthier fare and ordered a plate of sliced tomatoes.

Friday Night at Blake’s
I am all about diversity and I have no problem partying with the white girls (and the black girls who love them). We hit up Blake’s, saw the awful drag show, and had a few drinks. It was a nice way to welcome guests to ATL.

Watching The Housewives of New York Reunion
Okay, so I totally missed out on this show but the reunion has me hooked. The season replays on Thursday and I plan to DVR each episode. Fee, Thomas, and Courtney were rolling at the sheninigans of the ladies. My favorites are Ramona and Kelly! They are a hoot and a holler!

The Greek Picnic

I skipped out on this bull$hit. I don’t believe in all this adult Greek garbage. I joined a NPHC organization to make a difference in my community, not to brag on letters and talk trash. Atlanta saw 94 degrees. To think I was going to be in a park with over 500 negroes strolling and hopping and screaming out calls is unbelievable. I was home taking a nap when those two were out somewhere crying skee-wee.

Michael’s Hot Birthday Pool Party
My friend Michael had a cute pool party in Lithonia. While Fee and the body girls got into the pool, I stayed in the cut and had a FEW drinks. Well, I got drunk. But it was a great time. I don’t know how much those six Hennessey and Sprites impacted it, but everyone seemed to echo my sentiments.

Saturday Night at Traxx
Okay… so Traxx is an Atlanta Icon! It really, really is… but it was an absolute mistake for us to go. Douglas, Fee, Courtney, Thomas, and I went… on my suggestion, but it was late as he!l. And I know.. I know… Traxx is for the young girls but in the new ATL, there is no other option for Saturday night fun.

Sunday Brunch at Chequers
We were supposed to eat at Pappaduex’s (and their New Orleans seafood brunch is Atlanta’s best) but it was father’s day (i.e. packed) so we (on Courtney’s request) ate at Chequers brunch. The food was mediocre. I was not pleased with the food or Courtney’s “I have not had a decent meal this entire trip” comment. Note when taken to Busy Bee he ordered a plate of got dam9ed tomatoes.

Sunday Night at the White Party

The annual Five Friends for Life White Party has consistently delivered a classy, upscale ATL event. This year’s party, held at downtown hot spot, Opera, was no exception. Great event and great end to a really enjoyable weekend.


ÐƎΓΓΛ ƁƎΓΓƎ© said...

very nice! FUN FUN FUN!

UrSoVain said...

Ive been living here for 3 years and have yet to try busy bee's... One day though. One day.

Anonymous said...

Corey, this is a great summary of the weekend. Thanks for making my birthday weekend an enjoyable one. I'm looking forward to having many more weekends like this one in the A.

See ya next weekend.


Chet said...

How very nice of you to play host during your friends visit to ATL. You made me hungry talking about that fried chicken. LOL. Busy Bee sounds like a great place to go for lunch or dinner. I'm sure you guys could have found somewhere else to party outside of Traxx's, it isn't waht it used to be that is for sure. Now the White Party seems to have been a great time for all. I'm pleased your friend enjoyed his birthday and your company. Oh yeah it looks like the Pool Party was nice too.

Professor Locs said...

Busy BEE was the spot when I taught at CAU....love it!

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