Sunday, July 8, 2007

Charm School's Charming Reunion- My Guilty Pleasure (Skip if you do not watch VH1's Flavor of Love Charm School)

I must admit my guilty pleasure. I am a faithful addict of the Flavor of Love programs. I know, I know… the show is degrading and depicts black culture at its worst.. blah, blah. The show entertains the he!! out of me and I cannot help but add commentary on tonight’s reunion.

The premise of the show is thirteen females being “schooled” by Monique. A mess. From the rip, the show was a farce. Monique is foul, vulgar, and vile. Anyone who has seen The Queens of Comedy knows she’s a big slice of ghetto pie.

The winner of the show was Sapphyri. She’s a stylist, but her true calling in life is to be an actress. Everything about her screams opportunist. She played the role of being homeless and on the street, but I don’t buy it. She just put money down on a condo in Los Angeles. You don’t go from being homeless to having an L.A. condo. However, I must give it to her. Good job on that new doo. The black wig was hot, but that top was circa 1963 Mortica Addams.

The next contestant on the show I feel compelled to discuss is Brooke. I felt like Brooke (Pumpkin) was given the raw end of the deal, but when I thought about it, I realized that she probably has gotten it raw plenty of other times in her life. And yes, it was confirmed… she’s a racist.

The most notorious lady on the show was Larissa (Boots). Larissa was probably the meanest black b!t(h on television and I love her. She deserves her own show! Let’s start a campaign at VH1 to get her own television show. Whatever the price, VH1 should pay it. I would love to see her and Shay (Bucky) on a Simple Life style program.

Tonight, Larissa pulled Monique’s card and that card needed to be called. Now, if only someone would pull her McDonald’s card…

Larissa’s mom also let Monique have it. It was time for the nation to see the veil lifted and it was. Throughout this program, I felt as if Monique exploited these poor women and depicted them as ignorant and petty. While they may have been both, I question Monique’s right to sit in judgment. I do not like Monique’s self-righteousness. Who is she to judge these young women, many of whom were between the ages of 25-18? And I would understand if it was Oprah Winfrey hosting the show, but this is crude, crass-a$$ Monique. She is known for doing stand-up comedy ripe with swearing and vulgarity.

Shay (Bucky) is the fakest snitch-@$$ whore in television history. Kick rocks, chick… deuces. Oh, and by the way, I love her too!

In closing, the host of the show, Lala, needs to get on a fitness plan. Those bootylicious thighs are spreading. “You’re clicking, Lala. You’re clicking down.”
And who was the “young girl” on the front row in the green shirt snapping at Sapphayri and Monique?
At the conclusion of the show, Monique said Harriet Tubman and Dorthy Dandridge would not be proud of the actions of the girls on the show. If Harriet Tubman and Dorthy Dandridge were alive, they would, unlike myself, be doing something to better the race. They most certainly would not have watched this program.


Cocoa Rican said...

I was out getting loaded on 2-for-1 drinks and saw the show on one of the big screens in passing... no volume!
I'll catch it in reruns, but I agree with you 100%... I like Mo, but she needs to come off her high horse before she breaks his back! LOL
Good ASSessment though pa!

Valentino said...

I disagree a lil bit about your Monique comments...She says thats she been where these girls are now so thats why she can speak about it. I do agree that she can get a lil out of hand though, but she's an entertainer ( RATINGS !!!). I LOVED the show. Did you see that big lesbian that was Mo's security tho?!?!?!? Oh and Lala had a baby not too long ago ( Carmelo Anthony's Baby) she looked good to me.

Searching... said...

I have to agree with you about Larissa. I'm loving her. She's a close second to my fave, Ms New York though I don't know what this says about me... Some say the show set the race back, but it made us laugh and paid a few black people, lol. Guess we gotta weigh the costs.

Anonymous said...


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