Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Told Ya'll She Was Gonna Flop Like This!

Like many in my age range, I am a fan of Destiny’s Child. Like many, I have followed the career of this group closely, and like many I really wanted to see the success of each member’s solo career materialize but after two botched solo projects in a row, a successful solo career may not be in the cards for Ms. Kelly Rowland.

Debuting at No. 6 and selling an impressive (for her) 82,000 copies, Kelly’s CD held promise for fans (myself included) eagerly awaiting an album that would showcase what many of us thought was strong vocal abilities. We, her fans, were ready for Kelly to finally step out of the big shadow of Beyonce’s massive weave. Kelly did step out of the shadows, but only to fall flat on her face.

It seems as if Ms. Kelly has a Ms. Mess on her hands.

What hurts Kelly is the fact that her voice does not lend itself to performing solo. She is good at background and after listening closely to Ms. Kelly, it seems she should remain there.

Admittedly, having a weak voice is not the career-killer it once was. Just look at Rhianna and Amerie. Neither of these hip-hop pop-divas can sing. However, each of them has a solid summer CD on their hands that add something to the cannon of hip-hop pop. What is a career-killer is releasing a killer first single (“Like This” is like off the chains), having massive media and fan hype, but failing to deliver a quality CD.

Rowland attempts some heavy issues on this CD. Addressing the issue of lost love, her album attempts to deal with failings in relationships- the struggle to regain that lost love, but then realizing when its time to move on. Song after song deals with Rowland’s musings over losing the love of her life. Love rarely sounded this bland and passionless.

Kelly Rowland reportedly spent two years working on this CD. I hate to tell her this, but she wasted two good years of her life. She may need to give the next album four years and we’ll see if she has a hit on her hands.


Kyon Saucier said...

So u mean to say after all this waiting and dealing with the tired 1st album that I went and bought and that muthafukka only had like 4 good tracks; that this CD is bammer too! Kelly R you bettah go see B and ask if you can be her eternal backup singer...

Soldier said...

listened to her cd... big frustration !
I was always waiting for something to happen but uh... no spark, no x-factor, im actually mad at her for not taking this seriously enough and delivering this weak piece !

D-Place said...

hee hee

ReddMann said...

wow how u really feel... i think she sold like 40k the second week so at least she broke 100k.

after listening to it online weeks before it came out I knew it would be one I would pass on.

Anonymous said...

good, i just brought lots of different emo backgrounds 4 my blog