Saturday, July 7, 2007

Doing Ms. Atlanta

For many, Independence day proves a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of the work world. Numerous family reunions, family vacations, and just good old fashioned family get-togethers occur during the 4th of July holiday weekend. Luckily, for many, the holiday fell on a Wednesday, so this meant two weekends of parties, barbecues, and gatherings.

I used this week to party hard and remind myself of why I love Atlanta so much. This is a loose account of a loose week in the life of myself and my friends.

Saturday, June 30th Pool Party in the Boondocks!
I received my official invite the day before the party at Towers II Night Club. I hate Towers II Night Club. (I really hate most Atlanta night spots because they are overpriced, overcrowded, and the people inside are just over the top! But that’s for another blog on another day…) I, along with the rest of the first family, went to the pool party, held in what is known as unincorporated Fulton County. The drive was so long, but so worth it. The party was hot and the crowd was hot and I was hot. Unfortunately, with this pathetic, ill-prepared pool party body, I couldn’t cool off. It was probably for the better with all of the hot, young fish swimming around. I would have eaten so much fish that night I could have met the same fate as poor Ralph and Norton (see June 12’s entry for more insight).

Sunday, July 1st- Django Night Club
A hot new addition to the Atlanta club scene, Django is mostly gay on Sunday nights and it is jumping. Originally free until 9 with free well-drinks until 10, the spot was a given success with the kids. It was a given is the operative here because the free till 9 is over as are the free drinks. But no matter. We did not know that when we arrive. We just paid the over-priced 10 and bought no drinks.

Monday, July 2nd- The Stars of the Century at the Jungle
Ah! Mondays at the Jungle have become legendary in the ATL. How I do love the show. And not because I love the Drag queens so much as I love the crowd. The hottest little fems in Atlanta are there each Monday. The eye candy is so sweet it can be sickening (not in my case, however. I do love the sweeties almost as much as I love the smarties.) The show is always professional. Uncle Mallory and Gatsby went along with Cousin Douglas. Throughout the summer, Douglas, Double Dees, and I have made this a weekly stint. As usual, the best performance of the night was Raquel Lord, but Jasmine Bonet did well also.

Friday, July 6th- Fire Fridays at Joe’s Crab Shack, Sexy Underwear Party
Every first Friday, a group of guys who hold an annual pride event called Fire in the Smokies (AKA Falltacular- check it out at in the Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee host a gay mixer. This Friday, the mixer was hot. I actually meet three cuties and had three mojitos. After the mixer, I headed to an underwear party and then ended my night at Towers II Night Club. Actually, I ended my night on Adam4Adam, but that is not really relevant, is it? As usual, the club was packed to capacity with heat radiating from the rafters. It felt like a Sauna. I endured the blazing heat for as long as I could.

Now, I know you are wondering what happened on Tuesday-Thursday, but that is for a forthcoming blog. I want to give this blog its time, and then I will spill the tea about my hot three days with Parker. Oh, Parker. Oh, me. My life
is a mess if I ever there was one.


BronzeBuckaroo said...

I have always wanted to visit Atlanta. Now after reading your post, I REALLY want to visit for the experience of the city, not to mention a few historical sites like Norris Herndon's home. Norris was the gay son of the first black American millionare.

Corey Keith said...

Wow. I had no idea Norris Herndon was gay! I knew he was an influential black business leaders in the city's history and read about him in the book, Our Kind of People, but I did not know he was gay! You must come to Atlanta! I cannot believe you have never visited. When will you arrive? We need to plan an itenarary!

E said...

The Wednesday holiday did throw things off kilter for me. I didn't take off from work this year but it was cool because there were more parking spots available since folks took that week off. Woo hoo!

Valentino said...

I got a text about that Joes Crab shack, I thought it was for heteros. Raquel is always a pleasure to watch. giggle @ "so much fish in the water"

ReddMann said...

live right next to the jungle and have never been, but i heard the show was amusing.

and for that pool party way out in God's country... it was quite interesting and there is another this weekend

Corey Keith said...

LOL... Valentino, you must attend the next Fire Friday's. It is always hot. And reddman, the party was way out there... but you did look hot, as usual (as you did this Saturday at the white party...)