Friday, July 20, 2007

It’s Me, (X)itches… Happy Birthday, Uncle Mallory!

Last weekend the first family celebrated Uncle Mallory’s 30-somethingish birthday. Held at Uncle Gatsby's, the party was a virtual who's who of HOTlanta.

With ribs, beef brisket, and cakes, cakes, cakes, the first family celebrated in style. It is always the birthday party we remember, but its always the experience of pulling it off that warrants the story.

Cousin Douglas and Uncle Fe-Fe were the ringleaders for planning the party and they pulled it off without a hitch.

Held at Uncle Gatsby’s, Douglas and I had to help roll the floor (isn’t that a mess- a house with a saran-wrapped floor, but then again, the way these ATL queens throw ‘em back and spill tea, you gotta protect the floor), and decorate. With Doug’s keen eye for details, the tables were laid and the flower arrangement was BEAT. Uncle Gatsby, known for his killer parties, did not disappoint his fans.

The food was excellent- I am still craving those ribs with Uncle Fe-Fe’s Texas style sauce. Bay-Bay (as he would say), they show’ll (sp?) was good.

Well over 200 people showed up and stayed until the party ended. The true measure of your party’s success is when you have to tell people (politely, Uncle Gatsby, politely next time) to leave.

Yes, the party was a success. (Douglas, you laid this one out, cutie)

Uncle Gatsby with his over-the-top Martini glass (and I cannot recall Martini’s being served), Uncle Mallory’s birthday shirt (hand made with ROCK STAR beading) and mohawk (believe it or not, it was hot), and everyone else getting drunker than Cooter Brown (i.e. Dukes of Hazzard- don’t trip, you watched that racist shit), a fun time was had by all.
And I guess this weekend, we will do it all again at someone else’s house on someone else’s dime. You gotta love Atlanta. The party never ends.


Kensilo said...

I love parties... I hate to clean up afterwards. LOL

BronzeBuckaroo said...

I so enjoyed reading this post. LOL!

D-Place said...

I love parties too. Especially when there is no drama and everyone is just simply having a good time and enjoying each other. Yall look like you had a ball.

Mr. Jones said...

who's in the red shirt from Express? he's a cutie.

Valentino said...

Atl is crazy small...that looked like fun, or interesting atleast.

life said...

It seem like you guys had a great time!

ZDK said...

Seems like you know how to party.I'll have to invite you to one of mine. And yeah cleaning up afterwards does suck!