Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This Blog Must Die! (Romeo, you are spared for yet another virgin romp!)

While talking to Joe last night, I came to a realization. This blog must change.

The original intent of the blog was to chronicle the adventure s of four attractive gay men living under one roof. Unfortunately, life has a way of rarely being what you expect. Joe moved out within the first month of the blog being up. Chris left, then came back, and is currently preparing to purchase his first home. As stated in the last blog, Aaron just moved back to California.

All of the aforementioned brings me to the question, what is the point of this blog? e. Think: What is Girlfriends without Toni and what is Sex and the City without Samantha? That becomes my question now: What is this blog without the roommates?

Clearly, the blog must change.

It is my intent to provide meritorious reading for pleasure. It is not my intent to self-centeredly focus on my life and myself. This blog should be bigger than me. This blogosphere is a vast and immense place and I want to brighten my little corner.

Welcome to Tell me what you think can be done to make this blog a better place to traverse in the blogosphere. All comments are welcome and appreciated.


C. Baptiste-Williams said...

id personally want to read about you and whats going on in your life.

there are plenty of websites, portals, and blogs where I can read about the rest of the world if this is your space let it be about you.

Anonymous said...

Corey, I enjoyed the roommates but now its time for you and Parker to shine on this blog, lets hear about your relationship with Parker and what the future holds for you guys, And what the hell did Joe have to say anyway??? Im just curious

WhozHe said...

I too would like to hear more about you and SGL Atlanta.

Corey Keith said...

I appreciate the comments! I am working on some plans. It is a goal to update bi-weekly. I definately want to make the Atlanta social scene a larger part of the blog- I am thinking a weekly calendar or what's hot. Some things are definately in the works...