Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dear... (A weekend in Review....)

Dear Blaq,
I am really glad you came to the ATL and looked me up. I hope I showed you a great time because you really showed me one. I had a blast walking the parking lot and looking at all the hot “back-pack” boys in the 708 parking lot. I am craving another mojito from California Pizza Kitchen. I am still laughing at all the funny sh*t you said at Club Europe. Again, I really enjoyed the pleasure of your company. The next time you come to the ATL, you better hit me up! As a matter of fact, I expect you to stay in touch, period, Dammit.
P.S. Glad you got laid (just kidding... right?)

Dear Dwain,
When you host a party, you must be gracious to your guests. Calling people bitches and mutherfuckers is not nice. Allowing your cousin or housekeeper to do the same is also rude. And running out of ice is just not cute.

Dear Uncle Fe,
You know them was not your chips (pardon the ebonics, hun...).

Dear Turn Me Up a Lil,
You are an awesome guy and so is your friend. I cannot wait until you both move to the ATL. It really is amazing how you tend to fall into things… You really have no idea… I am so vested in your experiences already. And you are actually hotter in person than your cute blog pics portray.

Dear Traxx, Trademark, Extreme Entertainment, Wassup in the ATL,
It really sucks for people who come to Atlanta expecting a good time to be over charged for a couple of hours in a hot box. After the weekend, I felt like Oedipus and King Lear, gouged to the point of blindness.

Dear Man taking my money at Club Europe,
It was real F-ed up how the guy just in front of me paid $40 for VIP while you told me to pay $50. You as$hole. If I ever see you at a function I am affiliated with, I am going to kick you’re a$s out of the door. B*tch.

Dear B-free,
Great barbecue! As always, I am glad you invited me, even if it was the beginning of my decent into drunkenness. And about that boy… screw him. We both know that you are the real deal and that you can do so much better.

Dear Douglas,
I cannot believe you let me get THAT drunk on Sunday night. I know I should have stopped after the fourth rum and coke but with this recession, you never know when the next drink will come. And I cannot believe I went to the Chanel Ball with you. What kind of new fangled sh#t was that? The kids told me back when we dated that you would have me in some low places (just kidding). So now that I have gone to my first ball, I am truly, fully, undoubtedly one of the gays. And I blame you for that.
P.S. And about Thirsty…

Dear Friend of Parker that I Repeatedly Poked on Sunday,
I don’t know you by name but I am truly, fully, undoubtedly sorry for repeatedly poking you on Sunday. I don’t remember doing it because I was drunk, but if you say I did it, I don’t doubt it. I am sorry. I will not poke you (unless I am single and you ask me to) again.

Dear Double Dees,
Sucked that you missed the entire weekend due to surgery. Hope you feel better. And put them chicken wings and doughnuts down.

Dear Bloggers,
Clearly this was a great weekend and I really hate some of you missed it. Oh well. Sucks for you. Good thing that there is always next year.


Acoustic Soul said...

Sucks for me huh? How politely phrased. LMAO!

Glad you had a good time. You should drink so much that you don't remember poking people for no apparent reason.

So like you said, there's always next year. Doubt I'll be then, but hey, you never know, right?

Gary T. P. said...

ohhhhh was THAT blaq???? Nobody tells me nuthin!!!!

KennonP said...

LOL sounds like you had to much fun

dancehard said...

I love the Dear John letters! I was in your fair city as well this past weekend, and had a blast as well. HOWEVER, you are the TRUTH when it comes to the pisspoor club offerings....next time, ATL will be grown and sexy for me, thanks!

I'll holla next time...

[jei.lamar] said...

LMAO!! I'm mad you go into drunken poke rages.... I would've been crying laughing watching that guy get poked (as long as you didn't come my way)

Darius T. Williams said...

Um, yea, one day I guess I'll make it to one of these festivities.

If Only You Knew said...

sounds like you had a really good time!

Turn me up a lil said...

HA HA I do seem to just fall into semi dramatic situations.lol You were too much fun man....tell that one sexy dude that was in the gray abercrombie shirt I said Wat up wit it!!!lol

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Awwwwwww I better be the first mentioned! LoL. j/k. Naw fa real, I had a great time ma dude. You have made it into my address book which means that you will receive random (and sometimes often) funny text from me just to say wassup or tell you about my day. That's how it goes my dude. As for 'Finally getting some in tha A', I never dip and tell but ummm... *Whew*... ATL SHAWTY!!! ROTF! *Wink*


fuzzy said...

lol blaq! I gotta make a trip down there and I gotta look you up. It will be in october and hopefully it will be a weekend! I need to seee my new niece in Maryland, see my brother in SC so Atl can't be that much farther... lol

Promiscuous X said...

Dam corey...u sure kno how to rub it in....i called u back to lol...I'm glad yall had fun...maybe ill come down for MLK...

Blaq.....u went down a didn't tell me....hmmmm dats wats up

My bday party in the city (nyc) 20th of september..if yall in the area hit me on yahoo or email me
for details


TrackboiAtl said...
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TrackboiAtl said...

I am glad that you had a good weekend

Q said...

Sounds like the ATL was poppin' this weekend. I will be there next year!

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

how can u even remember if it was a good weekend u seem to be drunk the whole time?!?!?!

and drunk and coming from b free house way out in the sticks... God takes care of fools and babies lol

B Free said...

Now the BBQ was off the chain. I had a good ole time from what i remeber! Did you poke anybody at my party? Hmm maybe i need to send out a survey to my guests lol.

I am so happy another function, and nothing broken...or was there?

Did you play volleyball or were you a cheerleader? WHAT?!?! You did go to a ball so i dunno!!

And as for C. baptiste.....dont you be tryna come for me lol. Im not in the sticks anymore!!! Where the sticks used to be, they put a walmart and some wonderful ranch style homes LOL. Miss ya tho dude. Im comin your way maybe end of month.

Troy N. said...

oh gawdLOL!! nevermind!:)

Voice of Reason said...

Glad you had a good time for Pride

yet another black guy said...

This is the 1st Pride post i've EVER read that made it seem like a real good time. I'm still too old to go, but now i won't scowl at the kids who do LOL