Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Great Sex (Inspired by Ryan Lee)

In many ways, great sex can be likened to a great journey. Imagine the wise and mature Odysseus sailing the Aegean Sea, in search of his beloved Ithaca and his beloved Penelope. Imagine brave and young Inman battling his way across the civil-war torn south to his beloved North Carolinian plantation and his beloved Ada. Now, imagine Odysseus fucking Inman and you will have an idea of what constitutes great sex.

Great sex is a place we all seek. At some point in our lives, we finally arrive at the desired destination of great sex and for I arrived at the ripe age of twenty-five. It was then that I had the best sex of my life.

I met Johnny online. Yes, like many, I too searched the net for love and suffered loss. Johnny was a nineteen year old college student at a local all male college. He was shorter, (5'8), compact (a full six-pack complete with a 31 waist), and dreaded (not my first preference, but hey, they worked on him.)

When I met him, he gave me nothing but attitude. He constantly ran his mouth, flapped his jaws, and complained. I laughed at him and shrugged it off because I had no intentions of doing anything more than beating his back up.

And boy did I ever beat it up.

The first time we fucked, it was good, but not great. It was by no means the best sex. But I realized even then that the potential was there. Johnny was a well-endowed auditory bottom. He crooned and moaned and begged while fucking and I loved every single sound. When he called me "daddy," I melted. When he begged me to fuck him harder, I tried to knock his back out. And the harder I hit, the more he wanted.

The second time we fucked, he asked me to slap him in the mouth.
The third time we fucked, he asked me to pull his hair.
The fourth time we fucked, he asked me to hit him harder.

I slapped him playfully, but it was not what he wanted. He asked to be hit and that is exactly what he wanted. Again, I slapped him harder, this time with more force, but he wanted more. I punched him softly, yet he wanted more. I punched his back, his stomach, his thighs, his ass, and still, he wanted more.

This brutal fucking continued for several sessions. He would scream and cry and beg for me to pulverize not only his ass but his body as well. And yes, I loved every minute of it. I would cum loudly, giving into the bestial and guttural sex. It was the after-minutes that I did not love.

I felt horrible about the things I was doing to this "kid." He routinely begged to be demeaned and hurt and I fed into his need for debasement. Worse than that, I was enjoying his debasement. When I confronted Johnny with my concerns, he laughed, told me to get a condom, and then asked me to fuck him inversely (um, not sure if this is the right word, but it consisted of him on bottom, me on top, my head at his feet, and his feet at my head). He wailed in intense pain, and came all over my sheets like never before.

Johnny and I stopped messing around after a month. I met him towards the end of a semester and he ended up flunking out of college. We instant-message each other infrequently on yahoo every now and then. He once asked to move in with me so he could make his way back to Atlanta, but I told him that would be a horrible idea.

The best sex of my life took me to a place I had never been and would never like to return.


Q said...

I think I've had Johnny too...

Anonymous said...

This blog is so disrespectful.You have a boyfriend now at least you claim and you think it is allright to post such garbage on your blog. If you wanted to right shit like this then you should remain single. I wonder how does Parker feel about this.

BPS 4.0 : Soul Exposure said...

Wow. I don't know what to say about that. Sounds like Johnny had some issues and yeah you helped him feed into it. That boy is on his way to Fight Club status where he can't enjoy sex unless he is beat on and bruised. I guess he is into being punished, that sadomasochist behavior.

But neither here nor there. If this is the best sex then it is what it is. I think it was just something different.

Great sex to me is when it feels so good that I want to bite him and kiss all over him. When I climax, tears come out of my eyes because I was so satisfied and limp from exhaustion. When I don't care about sleeping in the wet spot as long as I can cuddle with him afterwards. In the morning we are each other's breakfast.

kennyking78 said...

To each his own. There is something to be said for this type of sex. It is sexy and hot, but I understand your feelings afterward, especially since you were the one who did not initiate it.

It is just interesting that he wanted to have such graphic sex so soon after sleeping with you. At 19, he was surprisingly expressive.

Crazy Diamond said...

Wow, that was intense — both the passion and regret! It's a fine line to walk when exploring other people's fetishes and you enter into a place that's fascinating, but also very troublesome. I loved the piece and am awed that you shared it after reading the David column :)

And i try not to get into beefs with other commenters, but I must say that Anonymous@10:20 needs some dick in his life. Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you can't be honest; it doesn't mean you have to go around and lie and pretend that you, your past and everything else is something it's not.

Maybe your story hit a little too close to home for anonymous....Anyone with that much hate in them must LOVE to be knocked around :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds hot but he was to young to me to be doing that stuff too. I think it was something else going on in his past...but now it does sound hott but i understand how you feel afterwards. Sometimes when i have sex with a person thats so into me and I am not into them and i know its just sex and they want more...i feel so low...but the sex be so good...LOL


Anonymous said...

Interesting story....It says two things about you...

First, you are selfish. As a 19 year old, he was grown but you were the ADULT and instead of fucking that college boy you should have got to know him and understood why he was into suck rough, humiliating sex.

Second, in knowing you, I honestly think that the roles were reversed and you were talking about you loving the abuse and the hitting, minus the hair grabbing.

Either way, interesting story in a fucked up kind of way

YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

You know what really makes me mad about this story...It's Anonymous S.O.B's hiding behind that. It's always the Anonymous ones who become bold with the criticism!

You know what, I say a lot of stuff, both on my blog and in my comments, that I'm sure doesn't always make people happy. I don't always sugar coat it, but you know what... I'm man enough to stand behind it, and not hide behind it Anonymously, like a little bitch. I think y'all need to grow a damn pair, of balls!

If you think his blog is garbage, then guess what?...No one is forcing you to read it!

Guess what though, I'm sure you all are regular readers, and I'm sure you have commented before, and probably without the anonymous label too.
And you know what, I'm sure you will continue to read this blog in the future too.

I'm sorry, but when did 19 become such a child? He is old enough to go to prison, vote, have children, he is legal age to do anything he wanted. He was old enough to know what he liked sexually. That did it for him. There is plenty of 19 years olders, who have been around the block multiple times, enough to know what they like, and he liked it Kinky. In fact is 19 the technical sexual peak of a man?

I keep rereading this post, trying to figure out, what HELL, y'all was reading. I thought he told the story very tastefully. He had a beginning, insightful middle, and a conclusion, with his lesson learned. He was even respectful not to even call the nigga out on his school. That Morehouse boy was a freak, and that was what the story was about.

Now I think the comparing it to Odyssey, was a bit much. What I remember from that epic Odysseus great LOVE, for Penelope, is what brought him back to Ithaca. What Cory has here, is a great Lust and Fire story. I don't see Atlanta as Ithaca, from my point...if so then Cory, would have wanted ole boy to move back to be with him. This is a story about great sex, and all great sex must end at some point!

YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

And Another thing, Parker is a grown man! He knew when he got with Cory, that he was not the First and Only.

Where was this poor Parker, when he was talking about BJ last month?

See this is why I'm against boyfriends and girlfriends knowing about blogs. People think you have to censor yourself!

It's Cory's blog, and he can write about anything he wants. Anybody with a blog can write about , whatever they want! If you have a problem with something, write him, I did!

I think that does it for my rant, You all have a blessed and lovely day!

D-Place said...

I think sometimes we only understand things that are familiar to us and reduce anyone ele's thoughts to be abnormal.

I have seen a trend for guys to want to be abused sexually similiarly to the way you described. I think it's good that you posted this so that people understand it from a side other than just reading a freaky story. It makes the activity come to life on both sides...and begs people to ask questions.

Why did he want that? Why did you oblige him? Some answers will be easy and some difficult.

ka-os said...

That's very intense, and extremely courageous and honest.

Shame on those anonymous commentators for judging you, as if they're holier than thou. Did they actually take the time to read the piece, or were they too busy beating off then cussing you afterwards?

I agree 100% with YBandDL's comments.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like IKe and Tina to me.