Monday, April 20, 2009

I love YB and DL and Que (equally of course...)

“A year has come and gone so fast, I think I might be dreaming…”

Happy Anniversary, YB and DL!
For the past year, this blog has continuously provided entertaining and enriching stories of one young man’s hot, torrid, and enlightening affairs. The honesty is unbridled and the growing pains can sometimes be all too real. Always a great read, YB and DL does not hold back and is never short with words.

From hot road trips and baby mama drama to tawdry hook ups with sexy older dudes, YB and DL keeps it real. He’s on a journey and he’s taking us with him, each step of the way.

A quote:
“Here's the deal, I have gotten with...well my share of dudes, but I wouldn't consider, not the first one of them a friend, or someone I can talk to about my love life or sex life. I guess perhaps, that might be on me, but the truth is I really don't see any of them as friend types or potential friends.”

Well, YB, we are your friends. We, your readers, love you and accept you for who you are and are thankful that you are allowing us on your journey as you grow into the man you are meant to be.

I cannot wait to see what the next year holds for you and Von and all the men and women we have not met yet.
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Happy Anniversary Que!
Not only do I laugh at loud every time I read the Purveyor of All Things Appropriately Inappropriate, I can’t stop laughing throughout the day.

Caption for a random chick on a bus…
“The only reason I'm putting this cunt on blast is because she walked pass me and hit me with that tired ass vinyl bag of hers. She looked at me, and realized that she knocked the shit out of my head, and didn't say excuse me. Begin Read: Her fake ass Dawn from Danity Kane ass had on the cheapest pumps I've seen since Wild Pair closed. “

Caption for recent episode Making the Band…
I know you guys watched 'Making The Band' last night. I just don't get it. What the hell is wrong with Ms. Q? She has been throwing temper tantrums, snapping her fingers, ringing her neck around like a hula hoop, and rolling her eyes like dice. What a fucking queen! I'm so sick of her and her cunty ways.
It's okay Q, the GLBT community will accept you with open arms. Just stop picking fights with the trade and running into corners. Last night he even had the nerve to tell Brian to "suck his dick". Brian couldn't see licking that queen's man clit. What a BITCH!!!!

Que consistently tell the girls to live and baby I do… I live for this blog and if you get into, honey, you will too.
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Promiscuous X said...

That was nice of you corey and Yooooo Q's blog is the motherfuckn truth. I leave away happy everytime I view his page

YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

I don't think you are going to get to many comments on this post... That YB&DL is a real asshole. Q though that's a crazy nigga, not sure if I could hang in his life. I would be wore out after a month of partying and hitting the clubs every weekend, and still staying up on the lasted fashions.

I have to be honest for one second. I was a little shocked, when I read the post title. I was a bit speechles for a second, and that's hard to do. Had me blushing, for a second.

Thanks again for the shout out and love... I am on a journey, and I don't know where it's going..but I will take you for a ride as long as I'm driving the journey, baby...I really appreciate the Love, Cory.

If this has anything to do with you last post, it wasn't needed, just calling it like I see it, as usual.

I don't think your readers though, will like me or my blog to much...I don't do the anonymous commenters on my blog anymore...LMAO

Corey Keith said...

Promiscuous, when are you coming back to ATL? I think I owe you a drink…

YB&DL is not an asshole… and this post had nothing to do with your anon read! This was 100% about you and Que. I read you from the jump, remember! And I have loved reading you each post of the way. And from your commentors, I am not alone!

Dusty Boot said...

Corey is just too sweet. :)

Q said...

My sweet, sweet blog brother Corey. Nobody better say a damn thing about my sweet child Corey!!!!!!!! Thank you brother, you are my inspiration! Can't wait to come to the ATL!!!!