Monday, June 1, 2009

Mr. Keith is...

It’s summer and damn it, it could not have come soon enough. This school year was so long and so difficult!

Rarely do I write about my life as a teacher. Mr. Keith is nothing like Corey.

Mr. Keith is strict.
Mr. Keith is serious about the teaching of writing.
Mr. Keith does not believe in excuses.
Mr. Keith rarely agrees with his school’s administration.
Mr. Keith is either loved or hated by co-workers.
Mr. Keith is brutally honest with students and peers.
Mr. Keith hates missing work.
Mr. Keith makes students laugh everyday, every period.

I love being a teacher- grading essays, discussing novels, helping develop future leaders. But I hate the politics of education. I hate how unqualified people complicate your job and how you have very little say in school policy or school-wide decisions (this may be isolated to my building and my school’s leadership).

Again, I am ready for the summer and the chance to not only recharge, but to reconsider the path my career is taking.


life said...

Are you sure you don't want to teach summer school? lol

flightofthescorpion said...

hmm. think over it carefully. while in college i worked in the after school program for four years eventually getting promoted to running my own program at another school. loved my job, hated the support or lack thereof of the conservative school administration and didn't sign on for an additional year...but with the economy the way it is, looking back sometimes that job looks might good, lol. do u teach creative writing or a lit class?

Lamar Perez said...

I totally agree with you. Even in the University, the PhD's have the credentials but seem to be OUT of touch with what really goes on. They make the decisions that effect how I do my job, but they continue to NOT ask me what I think about even in NC its being perpetrated.

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

so whats the plan for the summer

deonte' k said...

I'm glad it's summer too... good luck with whatever you decided with your career change buddy. (If you decide another path) ;)