Friday, December 29, 2006

The Father, The Son

Today started with an argument between Aaron and I over Lil’ Jack. Lil’ Jack is Aaron’s little brother/mentee and is currently the product of the foster care system. After this morning’s argument, I realized that Aaron is the epitome of the gay deadbeat foster dad.

Many people in the gay community make a strong case for gay adoption. Aaron is not one of those people in our community. Being a father means being responsible and being able to take care of your own. Too many men become fathers before they are able to take care of themselves, let alone others. Unfortunately for Lil’ Jack, this is the case with Aaron.

Becoming a parent should be the most selfless act we make in our lives, but often times we make parenthood into a selfish act. We have children because we want children or because we irresponsibly make them, even though we may not have the resources to provide for them. To a certain extent, this is excusable for a straight couple or a married couple, but I do not think it is excusable for a gay couple or a single gay man, such as Aaron.

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