Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Roommates- An Adventure in Babysitting

These are the people who populate my life and my home:

Joe and I have been roommates the longest, if one can consider eleven months a long time. Well, if one would want to be technical, Joe did not actually make my home his permanent residence until August, not February. He moved back to Atlanta from D. C. in February, meet a lover in March, promptly moved out, but then moved back in during the month of August. Joe works in financial planning.

Aaron moved in at the end of October. He’s a former youth minister and currently works with troubled youth. He serves as a mentor/big brother to a gay fifteen year old who visits during the holidays and some weekends.

Chris recently moved in the house and to Atlanta. A graduate of the University of Alabama, Chris is interning for Norfolk Southern Railway’s Accounting Division.

Oh, and finally, there’s Double Dees. He is my best friend. He does not live in the house, but he is here, with him computer, a lot.

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