Friday, December 29, 2006

The Roles We Play

What can you do when you have one sexual preference and your lover has the same sexual preference? Well, while I have rarely run into this problem, my friend David has. David is twenty-two and a college student at Alabama State University and has always been vocally expressive about being a bottom in his relationships. He is currently dating J-Money (I have no idea where this little tag comes from or what this names means, but if it works for David, it works for me) and from the looks of things, J-Money would be a clear top, but his is not the case.
While we often want certain commonalities in our lovers, the old adage that opposites attract definitely holds true in terms of sexual preferences for gay men. Versatitility exists in every gay man in the same manner that same-sex attractions exist in everyone, but a preference for being a top or for being a bottom also exists. Sexual differences can lead to major problems in relationships, as is the current case for David and J-Money. I think David loves J-Money, but today, around noon, he cheated. I couldn’t condone the action, but I can say I understand the action.

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