Saturday, December 30, 2006

From Tiger Tyson to Mike Tyson

“When the first lick comes, they just keep on coming. And this is something all females need to know, too.”
J-Money, David’s EX-Boyfriend

David beat up his boyfriend and then dumped him this morning. David is convinced that J-Money wanted him to hit him. He swears that J-Money taunted him and taunted him until he was left with no other alterative. I believe that some people thrive off drama and confrontation. They need to argue and be abused to feel loved and wanted.

Often times, in abusive relationships, we are inclined to rally around the abused and not realize that every story has two sides to it. Abuse is not uncommon in gay male relationships. I have never been the victim of physical abuse by a boyfriend or lover, and I have never been the perpetrator of such abuse, but I have been privy to multiple occasions where abuse has happened.

With the aforementioned said, physical abuse should not be tolerated in any relationship. I have never and will never be hit by a grown man. When a relationship problem gets to the point of physical confrontation, the relationship is no longer healthy. While I think David and J-Money’s relationship is far from over, the situation is only going to get worse until the root cause of their differences are cleared up.

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