Monday, June 23, 2008

The Weekly Reader (June 15-21)

Every day, my friends (deemed the first family of Atlanta) read each other down at various activities and functions. I would like to post, every Friday if possible, the funniest reads of the week.

(Over email- the topic was a review of a potluck held at Fe-Fe and Douglas’s house.)
Gerald: Just messy, I am not a kitchen person. That cake was fat free, anyway.
Fe-Fe: Fat-Free, Taste-Free, Moist Free...
Ken-That cake was Cake-Free!
Fe-Fe: I remember after, we were cleaning up and Douglas said…"We have a whole cake"…..he walked away and I dumped in right in the trash…..and said to myself, "No ma’am we HAD a whole cake!"

(While wrestling….)
Parker (in a sexy daddy voice): You better shut up, lil boy, or I’m going to take you dick, chop it off, sale it to Big Bear Meat Market (discount food store found only in an Atlanta hood), and the next time you see it will be at a first family cookout. (stated in the heat of passionate roughhousing)

Corey: That was entertaining, standing ovation, but please… cut it out.

(While eating at El Azteca Mexican Grill on a Sunday with all the chilren..)
Thirsty: Douglas, come on. I really want to take you out to lunch.
Douglas: Um… I am not going out to eat with you.
Thirsty: But what I am supposed to do for lunch?
Douglas: Um, I don’t know. May I suggest a tomato salad?


BronzeBuckaroo said...

I love your "family." Such words, the humor can only be said amidst a group of guys who truely love and respect one another. And Parker's words... FUNNY!

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Absolutely! Parker better go off too! I just sling SHADE. Only thing I read are


fuzzy said...

lol, is all I will say...

Sedrick said...


Corey Keith said...

Bronze, I love my family too... They really are a cast of characters...

Blaq, Parker definately slings shade.. You have no idea!

Sedrick, check out You need to give Zack a call.