Friday, June 13, 2008

Just the little things…

I wasted 9.99 on Lil Wayne’s new CD. I am confused by what makes this self-professed goblin so popular. Beats can only carry a track so far. A sampled lyric from his hot single Milli states, “Illie and its all off G piece and a P..G walk by beep beep, Wit a freak, skeet, Hawk Out, big feet on a jeep..”

What the fuck is he talking about… and to think he brags about not going into the studio with pre-written lyrics. Most fifth-graders could come up with this end rhyme… not to mention Missy Elliot came up with it in 1996.

Has anyone else noticed that many of Lil Wayne’s lyrics are homoerotic. “He’s so sweet I wanna lick the wrapper…” and then he coyly states, “no homo.” No homo, indeed, Miss Wayne.. no homo, indeed.

The R. Kelley verdict is coming soon. I bet he’ll get a little more than a few golden showers when he’s holed up in the pen.

H&M finally came to Atlanta! I can only hope the fashions they bring are as affordable and trendy as the H&M on 5th Avenue in NYC. Hundreds of people camped out in front of the store overnight in hopes of receiving one of the 500 gift cards and tee shirts the store is offering as a promotion. This just goes to show what we are willing to do for a deal in lieu of such harsh economic times.

I am still hungry, but not as hungry as I was when I first started my “personal fitness objective.” I have lost 10 pounds. My goal is to lose 20 pounds before August 1. I am eating half portions, rethinking every eating choice, and working out a minimum of four days per week. I am only allowing myself to be weighed once every two weeks.

Usher’s Here I Stand sold well, despite my fears of lost fans and a poor quality release. I gave him one more chance and purchased the album. While I was starting to rethink my theories surrounding Usher’s sexuality, I have new ammo to prove that he’s one of the “chilren” with track 4, trading places…
Usher states: “And whisper in my ear I bet you really wanna do me/ now take me home and get up in my pants/Pour me up a shot and force me to the bed/ I’m always on the top tonight I’m on the bottom/ Coz we trading places/ when I cant take no more, tell me you aint stopping/ coz we trading places/ Now put it on me baby till I say Ooowe/ And tell to shut up before the neighbours hear me”

Trading places indeed, Miss Usher. I wonder if Lil Wayne and Baby Birdman trade places… Hmm…


YoungBlack&DL said...

I assume this post was written before the verdict today. I guess you were wrong the only golden showers will be given to the new underage ladies in his life and the men whose ass he eats, that he calls his entourage.

I'm not a huge rap buyer, in the first place, so I would never buy his CD, butI know how it feels, to buy a CD, and fel like you want your money back, because you will probably never listen to it much...for me, it was the E=MC2 Cd..I was disappointed.

I thik it's cool to go into the studio, and freestyle, but if you don't have much to say, then a index card, with some hit points, wouldn't hurt.

Well it isn't a news flash, that he likes the menes...the smoke around him and birdman, have been going around for years...and you know where there's smoke, theres fire. I bet that that's not the only nigga he's getting with either.

I just don't see the Usher thing though..I've been hearing that since 8102 album, butI just don't get that he gets down with men vibe. Not saying he isn't but I see it. Maybe it's because even if he did, I wouldn't want him. As those lyrics goes, I can actually see that he could be talking about a woman too...but I get where you are going the trade reference and bottom thing.

Good luck on the weight loss thing. I go to the gym like 5 to 6 times a week, working off an average of 1500 calories and some weight training, but I seem to get more hungry, when I work out, so I'm not sure if its doing me any good weight loss wise, butI am toning up.

Sedrick said...
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Sedrick said...

I'm not a big Lil Wayne fan and although I do like some of his latest songs a lot, I can tell you less about about him. All I know is that he KISSED a MAN on the lips.

It's about time Atl got an H&M...I'm with you on the H&M on 5th Avenue in NYC...I hope Atl can get some goodies too.

At you saying that you're hungry...lmao Congrats on dropping those pounds. Stick to your plan. I'm working out everyday during the week and resting on the a couple castings comin up...

But I want to know how you and Parker are doing...?
Usher can get it anytime!

life said...

A lady was sitting outside yesterday around 4:30pm. I was like what type of gift card and shirt is this. Lady you're doing the most for a little of nothing.

Can you believe R. Kelly was acquitted?

fuzzy said...

that is truly a "i wonder..." moment. I despise lil wayne and always wondered about usher! I need this albulm now!

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Lil Wayne has always been horrible tho! I've never understood nor do I currently understand all the fanfare surrounding him. Dude is wack as shit, PERIOD!

I can't remember if it was Cribs or something but they profiled Usher and his trainer is gay as hell. Not saying it's a dead give away or anything but ummmmmmm...yea. LoL. Who knows.


j_shanlin said...

oh god! you guys just got h&m! I can't live without h&m... please enjoy it! Lmao at usher!