Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Um.. They Needed a Beyonce Moment

A Real Time look at Tuesday night’s BET awards-

Lip syncing is a such a cop out… Ms. Usher, we all expected so much more, honey.
We see married life with Tameka and her strap-on agrees with him, huh. He’s gained a little weight. And so has Alicia Keys. Did they both go and eat “My Boo” for dinner?

D.L. Hugely has never been funny. Why is he hosting anything? He’s a washed up, Chris Rock wanna-be who never quite made it. Didn’t BET learn from the debacle that was Damon Wayans?

Mmm… was that a fupa ( I saw on Keisha Cole?

Ne-Yo did excellent, even if he did bite A Phi A.

Umm… why were so many artist missing? Missy, Kobe, Dream…
It’s not like Dream will ever receive another award in his life so he really should have been there to accept his little statuette.

I screamed when I saw en-vogue, with Dawn Robinson! And Miss Maxwell came back, even if no one remembers who he is in the 21st century. Ne-Yo remembers, however, as the camera passed by, and he licked his lips ever so thirstily… hmm…

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fuzzy said...

I missed Ne-Yo licking those lips at Maxwell? I must of been typing on my phone! I am going to watch it the next time it comes on just to see that! :-)

Sedrick said...

This year's BET Awards show disappointed me. They definitely did need a performance from Beyonce, to spice it up a lil bit.

Rihanna sound the same in her mono voice, and she kinda bored me a bit. She was very pretty though.

Alecia Keys and here whole performance with the past girl groups was pretty good. It was good to see T-Boz lookin like she did in the video, "What About Your Friends".

Usher's Performance was weak. He wasn't singing it was so obvious. He did shake his little tail feather though.

T-Pain was terrible, as he always is live, but Wayne did the thang!

The show was missing a lot of major celebs and artist. I wonder what happen to everyone. Is BET loosing their mojo?

Corey Keith said...

Fuzzy, did you go back and check it out?

And Seddy, do you read Zack's boyforwords.blogspot? He did a HotStylz lookin boy version... I thought it was funny in parts. And when BET's most repeated program is Hell Date, you know they done lost their mojo...

YoungBlack&DL said...

Well that's be honest, I think the past year in music, has been a little blah, to say the least. I know I'm going to get some what are you thinking, with my next few comments, but I have been kinda disappointed with some of our stars albums lately, so I proabably wouldn't expect to much from the performers. In my opinion it has been a slow past year for music. I'm tired and bored of hearing these same artist. They in my opinion are not bringing the same constant fire anymore. I was listening to the radio, and I'm bored, I'm bored and I'm as hell. Not saying we need Beyonce', I'm glad she is sitting her ass down for a minute. I'm tired of Rhianna. I'm bored with these safe snoozer singles from Usher, Alicia, although I like her videos, that album didn't do it for me, Although I'm probably going to cop it the first week its out Neyo's "Closer" single, is boring the hell out of me.

Either we need some new fresh artist, or we need to bring back some of our past loved ones, who light has went out for a while.

Maybe this apperance from Maxwell, will mean he is fianlly going to drop that new album, I've been hearing about for like over a year and a half...And Maybe Envogue, will tear it back up, if Dawn learns her lesson after 20 years, you will never be a solo super need Terry, Maxine, and Cindy...stop leaving!

Yes BET lost there mojo, when they keep loosing entertaining I the only one who misses AJ and Free...Jacque Reed, at 11 pm, I think a little black news is need instead of THE BOOT and Hell Date reruns, although I do think the BOOT is kinda funny.

I'm sorry, I think I got way off the point there, but I guess I just got caught up in the moment.

I caught the BET version of Lookin' boy, I thought it was funny.

Corey Keith said...

Youngblack, I agree wholeheartedly with you about the state of music. Music is lacking innovation and artist are not focused on creating solid albums, just hot singles

BET needs to look back to the good old days for inspiration, but I think the financial aspects of brand names are beyond the scope of what they can provide.

Bullet Proof Soul said...

I missed the lip licking too.

I normally don't watch BET but I heard so many rumors about who was going to be on it that I didn't want to miss it.

I agree the state of music is in dire need. I got a little too excited seeing SWV, En Vouge, Maxwell, and TLC on stage. How I miss these people? The came up in a time when you had to earn your record contract and know how to sing and entertain. All you have to do now is hump the air, ride a beat, and create a hot hook.

But the awards had it's moments. Still laughing about Usher getting his face cracked by two younger dudes who sang live. He was clearly on his own Hell Date that night. Where is that red devil?

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