Saturday, January 31, 2009

Workout Playlist 2009?

I went to the gym today. That’s some good news. I realized my workout playlist was late. That’s some bad news. I need to download some new songs. What are some hot mixes and remixes that would help keep my motivated to move my fat A$$?

P.S. Does anyone else in this blog world read comic books? Am I the only one who realizes that Batman just died two weeks ago and no one in the world seems to care?


Frederick Smith said...

I recently discovered this House Music podcast "The Velvethead Lounge" featuring DJ Antipuesto. I love it... enough recognizable songs to sing along to and not get distracted (or have to skip around). Download it! :-)

J said...

yea i knew about the death of batman for a while but im not a big DC fan, Im more on that marvel tip

JB said...

I'm more of a t.v. series/movie watcher when it comes to the marvel and d.c. comic characters. But the BAT isn't suppose to die. Also have you ever notice that Batman is like the Wolverine of D.C. COMICS, Like he works with so many people and has his own spin-offs and yet he's not the most interesting hero when it comes to powers. So who will be the new batman?

BPS 3.0 : Dallas said...

I just added these to mine:

Keri Hilson - Turning Me On
Toni Braxton - Get Loose

I knew about the death of Batman but I yawned.

Keith Jones said...

Hmm so many of my old songs are mixed in with my new stuff. My number one work out song of all time is Hey Ya by Outkast.

deonte' k said...

A hot song to workout to is "Walk on It" by Ciara... if u need to hear it on want a copy let me know. ;)

Acoustic Soul said...

How did Batman die? I didn't know.

I don't work out, so I don't have no suggestions. LMAO!

Jay said...
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Jay said...

Try These...
Sugar Honey Ice Tea: Kelis
The Good Life: Kanye West
Not Anymore: Letoya Luckett
You Don't Know Me: TI
Millionaire: Kelis
Wasn't Man Enough For Me: Toni Braxton
I Love Your Girl: The Dream

Hope some of these work.

Q said...

I care that Superman is dead yes, and stop calling yourself fat!

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

shouldnt batman be like 100 years old now...

Frederick thanks for that playlist!!

Achilles said...

I do read comics, but I'm a Marvel fan. Haven't read D.C. in years. Didn't know he died. Gotta check the internet and see what happened.

Corey Keith said...

Frederick, this podcast, like you, rocks!

J, I also read marvel... Constistently... What I have found is tha marvel is not as respectful of continuity or as true to character as DC. An example is Cyclops from the X-Men. There is no way he would have ever married Emma Frost if Bryne or Claremont were writing the comics today.

JB, I think Batman and Wolverine are very, very different. Wolverine and Batman are both pimped out, true, but Batman was just a plain ole human. Wolverine, on the other hand due to his mutant healing factor, can live forever....I hope the new batman will be Dick (the old Robin, now Nightwing...)

BPS- I have added the three!

Keith and Deonte- the are both already added!

Acoustic, he was killed by Darkseid's Omega Sanction.

Thanks Jay! I got your email and will be in touch!

Q... you are a hoot! I think I will try throwing up!!!

Anonymous said...

Batman isn't dead. He was thrown back in time. Waaaay back. I enjoy your blog