Thursday, January 22, 2009

So have you ever... (Inaguration Edition)

My trip to DC/Baltimore was wonderful. We had a great time. I am sure many of you have a great time when you go on a trip with friends and loved ones. So I wonder if we have some experiences in common?

So have you ever been on a trip with someone who had a GPS and depended on it for each and every direction, even when it was clear the GPS was not reliable? Well, one of my dear mentors has GPS on his phone and our first stop on Saturday after arriving in Baltimore was to see Obama stop and speak while on his whistle stop tour. Staying on the harbor, we walked the capital on North Gay (of all places). The GPS worked wonderfully at first and guided us directly to Obama. But on the way home, something went wrong. Very wrong. When we found ourselves walking around the Baltimore Housing Authority’s Perkins Homes, I realized we were lost and in more ways than one.

So have you ever had a friend who read people he did not really know well enough to read? This is the case with one of my dearest friends. A friend bought his lover, who many of us did not know well.
Double Dees: You look good in that.
Friend’s Lover: Really?
Double Dees: Yeah. Really. You look like a million… pennies…

Now that comment, made in front of everyone was funny, but not as funny as..

Friend’s Lover: Whoa, bruh, you don’t even know me like that.


So have you ever been on a trip with a friend who took too long to get dressed? I mean, way too long? I mean, everyone is in the car for twenty minutes and your friend is still getting dressed? And did they then, although you are waiting, take a moment to prepare a cocktail for the road?

So have you ever been to a club and they really, really messed up coat check? Someone hosted a party at Club Mirrors in D.C. and since The Mill was too crowded, we decided to check it out. The crowd was a smorgasboard, but kinda cute. They had strippers (yeah, they were late but they were naked), but the drinks were ten dollars (oh, hell naw…). Well, when it was time to leave, they coat check was a mess. Coats were mislabeled, misplaced, and some were thrown on the floor. It took my party an hour for us to find our coats.

Hmmm… Do we have some common trip experiences? I wonder.


Anonymous said...

Corey, this is Thomas from NC. It was good seeing you in DC. Yea I had some of the same experiences before. I had a friend who tried to read me in front of some of his friends I didnt know..

iKensington said...

Well Corey, I was in DC too...I stayed in VA with a friend, his boyfriend and his female friend and her girlfriend. Apparently, they were not serious about the historical prominence of the week...I ended up taking on the city alone...just callin' him to come pick me up from the Metro at the end of Monday and Tuesday. So...atleast you were with some real troopers!

fuzzy said...

the coat check yes, i had me a new coat the next day. the taking too long to get dressed, yea... cause i was the first one ready and everybody else took sweet time primping etc! damn i watched jerry springer twice before everyone was ready!!! the reading, no... thats done to private ears not in public!

Crazy Diamond said...

Wow, does Douglas ever not look cute and stylish? I thought the pic of him at Wetbar was nice, but the Inauguration Edition is even sexier ;)

I think a lot of people are retarded with GPS. I know folks who set their GPS systems for EVERYTHING — even when they're just going across the street of someplace they've been to A MILLION TIMES. Some people love their gadets.

Keith Jones said...

Wow thats exactly why I did not go out to any clubs during the inauguration weekend.
Yes I rely on my gps, as much as I paid for it lol. Sometimes though they can be confusing.

BPS 3.0 : Dallas said...

Yes I have a friend who loves to take forever to dress. We simply leave him behind and let him drive his own car. I am a GPS junkie but I am not crazy with it. I like being able to type a place in and letting it tell me how to get there. It's a feeling of comfort and I know how to use mine very well. I just click the "Avoid Ghetto" box. LOL!! I don't do coat checks. I will leave my coat in the car and freeze. I have a sharp tongue so I don't get read in front of company. But I know people who do get it. Bless em cause they take it like a pro and don't fight back.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

A million pennies tho? YIKES!!!! LMAO!


deonte' k said...

LOL I don't travel much, so I can't answer ur ? lol.... but I hope to do so more this year. Hope u had a great time over all in my hometown. ;)

Corey Keith said...

Thomas, D.C. was wonderful, wasn't it? Did you get home to snow?

Ken, we definately were some troopers. I have a cold to prove it!

Fuzzy, reads definatley should be in private, among friends...

Crazy, Douglas is even hotter in public.

Keith, the club were a mess but I did have a good time nonetheless.

BPS- LOL! I wish that we had the GPS upgrade with Avoid Ghetto.

Blaq, where have you been???

Deonte, you should have hung out with us!!!

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

shady ass didnt even say hi

Ocean said...

I was on top of a mountain in Sedona Arizona about 4, 500 feet above sea level and my friend used her gps the entire time whilst the clouds hovered above us. Of course, the gps didn't work! LOL!


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